The Most Common Health Issues You Could Face As You Get Older

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you, but as we get older, our health deteriorates. How far and what we struggle with has much to do with taking care of our bodies in the here and now. But the truth be told, we can’t predict what we may end up with, and no matter how much you take care of yourself, you could still struggle with a disease of some sort. As awareness is often the key to knowledge, I thought it was worth describing some of the most common health issues anyone of us could face as we get older.


Arthritis affects nearly half the elderly population. It is a pain that is caused due to inflammation of a joint and ligament. It can cause real problems with mobility the more severe it gets. It may not start out to bad, perhaps only struggling with it as the weather turns cold or if you do something too strenuous. But it can also develop and worsen over time. The most common areas being your wrist and hands, your hip and your knee.


Osteoporosis is something that many of us could have issues with as we get older. Making our bones weaker and brittle which could cause them to break and fracture much more easily. It is something that can have an effect on your mobility which could cause further issues of loneliness and mental health problems in the future. There are some things you can take to help ease the symptoms, and it’s worth researching where websites will highlight things such as Strontium citrate side effects.


The risk of developing some cancers increases as you get older. But it’s a sad fact that anyone of us, no matter our age, can contract this disease in some shape or form. However, as you get older your body becomes weaker, and things like cancer tumors can take a hold much quicker. Or your body might be less likely to respond to treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Early detection is key for any cancer issues, so if develop any issues that are far from normal then head to your doctor straight away. This includes bleeding when you shouldn’t and any unexplained lumps.



Dementia is something that many older people tend to have issues with. It is a disease that attacks the brain and could cause problems with memory loss. At first, this could be your short term memory, where you may forget dates or even where you put something. But as the disease progresses it will start to affect the part of your brain that controls your past memories. This is where you could forget who family members are or even yourself at one point.

Vision and hearing loss

As you get older, there is no surprise that some of your senses begin to fail. The most common tend to be your sight and your hearing. Many older people consider things like hearing aids or wearing glasses to help them see and hear much clearer.

Mental health issues

Finally, getting older means you are more vulnerable to mental health issues. This could be loneliness, depression or even anxiety for being in public places or on your own. Thankfully, seeking help from your doctor can help ease the symptoms.

I hope this has made you more aware and value your health much more.

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