The Only E-commerce Blueprint You’ll Ever Need

While it is physically easier than ever to start your own e-commerce company, there is still a lot hard work to put in and a lot of steps to navigate. What’s more, you are going to need to really focus on making sure every aspect is is given your full attention and completed to the best of your ability. And then hope luck is on your side too. But it is doable. It’s more than doable. The internet offers you the chance to be a massive success financially.

The Very Beginning

You can’t possibly hope to be a selling success story if you don’t have a product to sell. As such, it is imperative you do as much groundwork as you can when it comes to the product you will be selling. If it is art, then make sure you have honed your skills and have a wide range of prints ready to sell before you launch. If it is a new type of kimono, then make sure it has a purpose, by which we mean make sure people will want to buy it. There is no point developing a product that won’t sell, so make sure that there is already a successful market in which you can make your brand known.

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This is going to be the longest, hardest, most complex and mentally exhausting stage, and that is because there is so much to research. The market, the competition, suppliers, materials, couriers, your business plan, educating yourself in the different marketing strategies, reading a startup guide to business web hosting, knowing the different manufacturing strategies, registering your business, which accountant to bring on. Everything there is requires research to ensure you are getting the best service for the least amount of money. That is critical.

Your Business

So much counts for a name and a brand. Not only will be the very thing that people know you by, but it will also count toward your SEO, which will be critical to your success in the early days of launching. So make sure you come up with a catchy and memorable business name that translates into a good domain name, a task that is easier said than done. Also, you’re going to need a logo, one that represents your brand, one that people will want to buy into. The advice we often given people is to imagine your brand as a person, that way it is easier to imagine them, it is easier to dress them, to imagine how they would speak and what they would say, what clothes they would wear and everything else. It seems odd, but it is a great place to start from.

Marketing Yourself

When you have everything set, and a website up and running, your first almighty task is going to be how effectively you market yourself. You are going to need to know how social media can become your friend and which social media platform will become your best friend. You’re going to need to know all about SEO and how you can climb the rungs of the Google search results ladder. And you are going to need to know how you can use your different strategies together, combine them and get the most out of them so that you are maximising your exposure.


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