The Tech That Can Take Your Website to New Heights

If you have a website, whether it be for personal use or for company use, then you want to take it as far as it can go and make it as successful as it can be, right? Well, you can, if you allow technology to help you do so, that is. Yes, if you allow technology, specifically a few pieces of specific technology, to help you boost your website, then your website will be boosted!

To see what specific tech you should be using to take your website to new heights, make sure to read on.

Uptime technology

The first kind of technology that you should be embracing in order take your website to new heights is that that is known as uptime technology. Basically, what such technology does is watch your website for you at all times in order to check for instances of downtime, something humans simply cannot and should not do. It watches out for instances of downtime and then alerts you straight away to any instances of it that it comes across.

But, why does it do this and why should you embrace it because it does so? Well, because downtime, quite simply, is the enemy of website productivity. It is the enemy because when somebody clicks on to a website they expect to see it — it’s the very least that they expect to see, actually. And, when they can’t see a website because it is down, their lack of patience — which is completely just, by the way — will see them bounce off of the website quicker than you can say downtime. And, do you think your audience bouncing away from your website is going to take it to new heights? No, it’s not, so eradicate downtime on your website by embracing uptime technology!

SEO technology

Yes, search engine optimisation is a methodology comprising of different strategies, techniques and tactics that is used to boost the amount of visitors a website, rather than a single piece of technology. And yes, SEO companies, such as, are very good at making the most out of this methodology and bringing their clients what they want, that being more visitors. But, there are some pieces of technology out there that do help when it comes to SEO and some that can even have a direct impact on the algorithms used by search engines. One such piece of technology is the Mobilegeddon app, an app that presents a list of the most mobile-friendly websites in regards to search results on a search engine, particularly Google. When embraced, this technology would help you boost your website’s SEO when it is accessed on mobile phones which, these days, most websites are.

To see some other pieces of tech that are undoubtedly helping the world of SEO, and in turn helping websites, make sure to head here.

Yes, websites are without a doubt being helped by technology. So, answer this, can you afford to not embrace the tech that can take your website to new heights?

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