The Technology That’s Helping To Make The Consumer’s Life Easier

Whether you’re a business owner or not, you can definitely label yourself a consumer. Everyone seems to be shopping for products and services at a quicker rate due to the leaps technology is moving forward. With hectic and busy lives becoming the norm for many people, time is a luxury they don’t have; so the quicker the consumer can complete a process, the better.


Smartphones and tablets are everywhere; whether it’s on the morning commute, or sat in a restaurant, people have constant access to information, shops and services in the palm of their hand. The technology itself is nothing new; however, the processes and how the consumer uses them is ever-evolving. There’s a focus on speeding things up, and being able to access contact with brands immediately.

Aside from a traditional customer care phone number, or email, pop-ups on websites are ensuring that a live chat with an assistant is always available at the end of one click. Very often, a welcome message will ping up as a customer enters a website, letting them know there is assistance there should they have any queries. This benefits the business, as they can encourage people to purchase items; however, for the consumer, it’s a human approach to customer care when in an online retail space. If a client is more inclined to shop online because they know that assistance is there should they need it, their shopping process will be more efficient and easier than having to travel out to a store.



Time plays a large part in why consumers become aggravated and stressed when it comes to sourcing products and services online. Therefore, the technology that’s helping to speed up processes, and making them straightforward, is having a direct impact on a consumer’s life by making it feel easier. There are now services for ID verification, ensuring a customer doesn’t have to spend valuable time emailing, faxing, or physically dropping information off to a business. There is also the rise in contactless payment options, so a customer no longer has to worry about forgetting their pin number in store.

By ensuring processes, of providing payment and information, are kept as quick and simple as possible; technology is providing a constant helping hand to consumers and making their life a little easier.



Aside from the access to everything they choose to look at, as discussed earlier, the consumer is now presented with targeted marketing campaigns through emails and pop-ups on a regular basis. It may seem that this method of providing brand information is only beneficial to the business. However, by receiving information, options, and offers based on their personal shopping habits, a customer can often skip hours of searching through the vast web space to find what they need or are looking for, meaning their life is more straightforward.

Having a plethora of relevant information presented to the consumer regularly, will save them the valuable time and stress it takes to search for what they want themselves; somebody has already done that for them, and it’s popped up on their screen instead. For more information on the importance of knowing your target audience, take a look here.


With a strong focus on evolving and improving the technology that a consumer can carry in the palm of their hand, will have a positive impact on their customer experiences, and free up some more of their time; helping to make their lives easier.

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