The Top Mobile Wallets in India

The use of mobile wallets is exploding in India, with these payment platforms quickly replacing other traditional methods of payment throughout the country.

So if you’re not sure what a mobile wallet is yet, it’s essentially a mobile-based wallet where consumers can keep funds. They can then use that money to make mobile, online and offline payments, depending on the functionality and offerings of the particular platform. The use of mobile wallets includes not only convenience but also security. Making payments without cash, credit or debit cards is simple.

Below are some of the top mobile wallets in India, as well as a few features that make them valuable for consumers.




Paytm is perhaps one of the largest and most well-known mobile app platforms in India, and it has one of the longer histories in the industry, having been launched in 2010. Paytm works by letting users load money and then pay merchants who have a relationship with them. In addition to conventional e-commerce payments, PayTM can also be used to pay bills, and they frequently offer perks for users, such as cashback and DTH recharge offers.

Merchants that work with PayTM include utilities and mobile phone services, money transfer services, and retail, travel and entertainment businesses.


This semi-closed wallet platform has more than 17 million customers that are part of both the online and offline platforms. There are more than 50,000 merchants that are part of the MobiKwik wallet platform, so users have the option to do everything from purchasing quick-service food to making payments on mobile recharges, whether they want a prepaid or postpaid plan.

As well as restaurants, retailers, and cell phone carriers, users of MobiKwik can rely on this mobile wallet for DTH recharge payments and offers.



mRupee is an offering from Tata Teleservices that is semi-closed and is licensed by the Reserve Bank of India. With the use of mRupee, customers have the ability to pay their bills quickly, send money to friends and family, and pay for mobile recharges.

mRupee is secured by a One Time Code, and the registration process is fast and easy.

mRupee can be ideal for not only sending money, making purchases from retailers, and recharging DTH or mobile, but it is also useful for paying utility and telecom bills.


Citrus Wallet is popular, simple and secure. Users can load their Wallet and view their transactions right on their mobile device from anywhere, and it includes features to split bills such as rent with roommates, lend money to friends and family, or even book a flight ticket with airlines like Indigo and more.

There are more than 21 million users of the Citrus Pay company’s services, and the wallet is affiliated with more than 40 Indian banks, while the system is approved by the Reserve Bank of India.

Mobile wallets provide a streamlined, efficient way for Indian consumers to pay any variety of bills, make purchases from restaurants and retailers, book travel plans and even split the costs of things with friends and roommates. There are many options, but the ones above are some of the most popular.

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