The Travelling Man’s Wardrobe

As a traveller, you’ll be constantly jetting off to new climates, locales and destinations far more frequently than the average holidaymaker. You won’t have the time, or the funds, to do a proper holiday shop for each location as you’ll be spending most of your money on actually doing the travelling.

This means that each and every travelling man should have a selection of clothes that act as a Swiss army knife, equipping you for virtually any situation and weather. You’ll have to put a bit of thought into the colour combinations that suit your style – but vaguely speaking, these are the must-have items you’ll need to tackle all travel situations…



Thanks to a more relaxed attitude to formal dress codes, trainers are now seen in nightclubs, bars, pubs and restaurants as well as for more casual days out. With a fashionable pair of sneakers, you’ve got a choice of comfortable footwear for nearly every occasion. Lightweight shoes like Low Top Converse or Nike Roshe Run will be the best choice for your suitcase as they won’t weigh you down.


As a traveller, you’ll probably be swimming in the ocean or in a pool at some point – whether you’re off to Thailand or Europe. Men’s swimwear is a pretty simple thing to style. A pair of board shorts and a towel will see you in good stead – and most hotels offer towels to use anyway. Buy one or two pairs of shorts and alternate between them.


Upper body wear

What you place on your upper body can change drastically depending on the weather. You’ll need formal and casual options that can be packed down light. Here are the staple styles to bring:

  • Racer back vest – for anyone involved in fitness, a racer back vest lets you show off your physique in sunny weather. It’s not arrogant if you’ve worked hard for it. For everyone else, a vest lets you keep cool without going shirtless.
  • Polo tee – the perfect go-between for comfort and formality, a polo tee is a good option for drinks in a bar or club without being too cumbersome to pack.
  • T-shirt – In block colours such as white, grey and blue, the humble t-shirt is a must pack for casual days out. Avoid garish print.
  • Cotton blazer – If you need to smarten up in a hurry, a cotton blazer is a good choice for throwing on to add style to almost any outfit.
  • Jumper – a lightweight jumper is the go-to when heading to a colder country. Opt for a ribbed or cable-knit style to catch the eye.


So, you’re a traveller. What, aside from swim shorts, do you wear on your bottom half? The answer depends on the climate, but there are some ubiquitous pieces of attire that always work…

  • Jeans – Denim is a great choice for eveningwear for all but the most formal of events. Just be careful getting it wet as it becomes heavy, which can be potentially life threatening when you’re hillwalking or orienteering.
  • Cargo shorts – In warmer weather, there’s really only one way to go. Shorts of all kinds are great, but a sturdy pair of cargos can be worn in virtually any climate. Reliable and dependable.

However you style your travel wardrobe, make sure your choices are versatile and adaptable – just like you!

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