The Ultimate Guide To Moving House With A Furry Friend

Are you worried how your pets will be affected by your upcoming house move? You shouldn’t be too worried. Cats and dogs adapt very easily to new surroundings. As long as you are with them, they shouldn’t be too distressed by the move. But if you want to make the transition even easier for them, here are some tips that can help the move go smooth for your furry friends.

Safety First

When you are moving house, your pet’s safety should be your number one priority. While you are packing up the moving van, leave your cat or dog in a room with all the doors and windows closed. This way, they won’t go missing. Make sure you feed your pet in the morning, but well in advance of the car journey. Otherwise, they might suffer from travel sickness in the car. For large dogs, make sure they are able to sit safely in the car. It could be worth getting them a dog car harness to keep them safe and secure. If you have a cat, you should keep it in a cat box once you get to your new home until one room is safe for them. Then leave your cat or dog in this safe room until you have unpacked the whole moving van.

Settling In

Once you have moved into your new home, you need to help your pet settle in. Cats will want to spread their scent around the house to mark their territory. They will do this by rubbing their head onto the furniture. You shouldn’t discourage them from doing this, as it will help them settle in quickly. Dogs will also want to spread their scent around. The best way is to help them by rubbing a soft cloth on their head and then wiping the cloth onto your furniture. Setting up a regular food routine can also help your pet get settled in. Start off by giving your pet small and frequent meals to help to reassure them. Once they get more settled, you can start to get back to their usual food routine.

 Stop Your Pet Going Back To Your Old Home

Some pets may try to make their way back to their old home. This will be very likely if you only move a few streets away. But don’t worry; there are ways you can stop this from happening. Firstly, you should keep your cat inside your new home at all times for at least two weeks. If possible, try and keep them inside for a month. This will give your cat plenty of time to get comfortable in their new home. As for dogs, you can reduce the risk of them trying to return by taking them for longer walks. This will tire them out, and they won’t have much energy left to try and make their way back to their former home.

Moving house can be stressful for you and your pets. But, hopefully, these tips will help your pets settle in without too much trouble.

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