The Ultimate Life Hack

Spend enough – or any – time on the internet and it won’t be long until you across a list of ‘life hacks’, a series of tips that are designed to cut corners, make us more productive, more personable, and so on. They’re designed to make us more efficient human beings, cutting out the wastage and making us the best we can be. There’s no doubt that they are useful, but there is one life hack that supercedes all others, one that when deployed can bring a level of contentment and opportunity unlike anything else. Are you ready? Do you want to know what the ultimate life hack is?

OK, I’ll tell. It is this: There are no intrinsic rules you need to follow as a human and, as long as your actions don’t negatively impact other’s lives, then you’re free to do absolutely anything you see fit. You can throw away mobile phone and computer, or you can quit your job and live off the land. Everything you do is in your hands.


Look at the World Anew

Begin by thinking of how you currently see the world. You’re conditioned to see it with borders, as a series of countries and divided people. But what if, in your mind, you simple erased these invisible borders? Then you’ll be looking at the world for what is really is: a beautiful, staggeringly diverse rock that is floating through space. It opens up a world of possibilities, and also allows you to see the social constructs that have such a massive influence on how we choose to live our lives for what they are: just man made. You’re a human being too, what will you do?

Shedding Those Insecurities and Worries

You’re looking at the world from outer space now. You see it for what it is, and it can be scary – but it’s liberating. You’ll realise that the things you worry about shouldn’t worry you too: things like jobs and money are small level compared to the vastness and wonder of the universe. In fact, when you ask yourself questions like “how can i sell my house fast?” and “can I quit my job?”, it won’t be because of financial distress – it’ll be because you see an opportunity to be absolutely free. You have all the tools in your mind to live like a free human being, and the anxieties and insecurities and worries that you carry are only holding you back.


Doing Yourself Justice as a Human Being

You’re a mammal, like many other species on the planet. You wouldn’t ask a seal to be anything other than a seal, and you wouldn’t ask it to find the biggest, most prestigious fish either: any will do. By taking a step back from the pressures of society, you can focus on the simple life. Being a human isn’t as difficult as we make it; society has just complicated it almost out of existence. Understand you’re a mammal: it’ll relax some of the pressures we all feel, and you can live each

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