Thinking of Selling Your Home Soon? Read the Best Ways to Add Value

Buying a home is a pretty large investment; one of the biggest that you will make in your life. Like any investment you will make, you will want to make sure that you get as much back from that investment as you can. You can, of course, just leave your house how it is. Not everyone wants to make changes to their home. That isn’t always the best decision to make, though. If you can make a few changes to your home that will add value to the home, then they are certainly worth doing.

You don’t have to be thinking of moving home to add value, though. But when the time comes to move on and sell, you will want to make as much money as possible. So it should be something on the radar for all homeowners to consider. First of all, it is a good idea to know how much your home is currently worth. Getting your house valued is something to look to do at least once every year. It gives you an idea of the current housing market and how things are looking. It gives you an idea if things are getting better or worse and when might be a good time to sell up. You can also see what value has been added by any changes that you make to the home. So it is something that is really worthwhile doing. If you need a bit more information about how a home is valued, then you could look online. You could even grab detailed info at Bridgfords, for example.


So you want to look for ways to improve that will help you get a good return on how much you have invested. There will be costs upfront when it comes to making these changes. The value that they add, though, make the decision completely worth it. How can you add value, though? What changes are the best to make over others? Here are just a few little ideas to inspire you and give you some ideas. They all add value at different rates, so is completely up to you what you go for.

Add a Conservatory to Your Home

One of the best things that you can do to add value is by creating another room and some extra space. A lot of people will look for another reception room when they are looking at homes to buy. This is especially true if there is only one reception room and a kitchen downstairs. Another room to spread out in is ideal. You could obviously extend the home. However, adding a conservatory will be a cheaper way to add roughly the same amount of value. A conservatory will also help to create a more open space when it comes to your garden. It could open out onto a patio and create a real open plan feel. You are likely to get all of your money back when it comes to adding a conservatory. So you should really look into it if you are looking for some extra space in the home.

Converting the Loft

Like with adding a conservatory, a loft conversion is one of the best ways to add value. It can even add around 10% of the house price onto the value of your home. So it is one of the investments that will be worth it. It can cost a bit of money up front, but as you can see, it will pay off. As it creates an extra bedroom, it makes the home more appealing. You will need to check plans with an architect or a builder first, though. You will want to check that it will be worth it. If building in the stairs to the loft will take a chunk out of one of the other rooms, it might not be worth it. It won’t create another bedroom is one of the other bedrooms suddenly becomes a tiny study. So you need to check through the plans thoroughly beforehand.


Make Changes to the Kitchen and Bathroom

I think that a kitchen and bathroom can be the deal breaker when it comes to selling your home. If they are in disrepair, it can put a lot of people off buying the house. They can be a little pricey to change completely. So a lot of people will just want an easier option and have those rooms in a nice neutral style. So if you are the one with an avocado green bathroom suite, now would be the time to change it! An updated kitchen and bathroom will add a fair bit of value. They wouldn’t add as much as a conservatory or an extension, but they are certainly worth doing. They make the home more saleable too. So it is worth looking at what changes you could make.

The rooms might just need a lick of paint or some tiles replaced. Having some appropriate flooring is key too. So again; you might just need to replace tiles or update to wooden flooring. Get rid of any carpet as that is the worst thing for either of those rooms! Your kitchen units might just need some paint to freshen them up, though you could replace them completely. The best color choices to go for are neutral ones. You might love to have a bright red kitchen, but that might put a lot of potential buyers off. So for now, just add the personality with pops of color from your appliances.

The key to adding value is to take care of your home as you go along. If people viewing your house see one that is well looked after, they are more likely to offer more. That is because they feel there will be less money needing to be spent on repairs and maintenance. So taking good general care of the home as you go, is pretty vital. Do repairs and fix things as and when they come up, to save you money in the long term.


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