Thrilling historical destinations

Remember all those historical events you studied in grade school? Your school book could not do justice to the bravery, ingenuity and pioneering spirit of our forefathers. The United States is filled with a rich history that comes to life when you visit some of the thrilling historical destinations that have shaped the country.


Atlanta, Georgia

There is nowhere better than Atlanta to get insights on both the Civil War, and the war for civil rights. Atlanta is one of the settings for Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell. To experience the world of Scarlet O’Hara and Rhett Butler, check out Underground Atlanta, a part of the city built after the Civil War.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Historical Site includes MLK’s boyhood home, and Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he and his father were preachers. There is a museum of the Civil Rights movement, the International World Peace Rose Garden, and an International Civil Rights Walk of Fame.

No trip to Atlanta is complete with a stop at the Oakland Cemetery. The Cemetery is the final home for prominent persons such as Margaret Mitchell and Maynard Jackson. It features a botanical preserve and the place General Hood watched the Battle of Atlanta.

Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg was at the heart of events leading to the American Revolution. It is part of the Historic Triangle, which includes Jamestown and Yorktown, and it offers an abundance of historical sites, thanks to the efforts of Episcopal priest Dr. WAR Goodwin. Goodwin started out restoring an historic church building, but then expanded his vision to other colonial buildings. His efforts, with money from the Rockefellers, resulted in the creation of Colonial Williamsburg, which celebrates America’s early history.

The living history museum offers a look into colonial American life, with both restored and recreated buildings. You can see how 18th century Americans lived, worked, dressed and spoke, and listen to the Fifes and Drums band. You can find out more by exploring one of the Williamsburg vacation packages.

Boston, Massachusetts

This historical city is home to the first public library, public school, public park, public botanical garden, and subway system in America. It’s also where you can find over 55 national historic landmarks, including Faneuil Hall, where many meetings were held during the American Revolution, the home of abolitionists Julia Ward Howe and Samuel Gridley Howe, the Historical Society Building, and the Paul Revere House.

And that’s just for starters. Boston is a history lover’s dream, probably because it’s one of America’s oldest cities. Don’t pass up eating at the oldest continuously run operated restaurant, the Union Oyster House, where John F. Kennedy was known to dine.


San Francisco, California

It’s hard to miss the Golden Gate Bridge that makes San Francisco so famous. You can walk, bike, or drive across the famous landmark, then head to Fisherman’s Wharf, and your launching point for the most famous prison of all, Alcatraz. You can go to Alcatraz during the day, or take the spooky night tour.

The city’s history is imbedded in its unique neighborhoods. The Castro is where you’ll find insight into the gay rights movements. The Mission District is home to the city’s oldest standing building, stunning murals, and authentic burritos. And you’ll find the roots of the hippie generation in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood. All of this on top of the most winding street in the world and the most fun way to travel – the trolley.

Kansas City, Missouri

It may not jump first to mind, but this city nestled in the Heartland has some wonderful sites for history lovers. Dating to the 18302, the Westport District was a stopping place for wagon trains heading west. Jazz luminaries like Charlie Parker and Ella Fitzgerald grooved in the 18th & Vine District. The American Jazz Museum and Negro Leagues Baseball Museum are part of this amazing area.

Presidential fans will want to visit the Harry S. Truman home, which was called the Summer White House during his presidency. If you love art and architecture, check out Union Station, a circa-1914 building that served as rail terminal. After an historically accurate renovation, it’s home to a science center, an exhibit on railroads, and great architecture. Kansas City is also home to famous artist Thomas Hart Benton, and you can view his home and some of his paintings.

There are wonderful places all over the United States where you can experience history in a personal way. Don’t miss out on the thrill of experiencing history first-hand in these great historical destinations!



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