Tips For Planning Your Wedding

After your fiancée proposes to you, the next thing left to do is plan a wedding. But where should you start? Because of the enormity of this task, most brides-to-be hire wedding planners. If you have enough time to plan and want to save money, you should consider planning your own wedding.

Here are some tips on how to do that:

Make The Announcement

Some couples do not feel right when everyone knows their business before their parents and closest friends. If you are one of them, you should tell both sets of parents first before you announce your engagement to everyone else on social media. If your parents do not live nearby, you should plan a trip or just tell them over the phone, or you can send a wedding save the date to them easily, then after, to your other relatives and friends.


Estimate The Timing

Although setting a firm date, in the beginning, is unnecessary, it would be a smart idea to plan the month or season in which you want to exchange vows. Once you know this, you will have a timeline to get things organized. Since the wedding size determines how much an event will cost and where to hold it, creating a guest list is an important first step.

Therefore, you need to create your own list and ask your fiancé to create his. Although you might have to trim them down later, the first figure will be your base. You may have to pare your lists down when you consider your budget.


Where will the money for your wedding come from? If your family and friends cannot raise sufficient money, you should consider crowdfunding sites. According to the owner of, you need to start raising money early if you want to have enough by your wedding day. A great thing to splurge on for your wedding is some personalised gin glasses.

Get Organized

Purchase a notebook and divide it into sections for each category of your budget. By doing this, you can write down the amount that you plan to spend on an item and note the expenditures. Whenever you near your limits, you should find ways to cut the costs.

Choose Your Wedding Dress & Suit

What are you planning to wear on your big day? According to the owner of Azazie, you should shop for your wedding dress at least three months in advance. Instead of buying a smaller size in anticipation of some weight loss, you should buy the right size for right now and make alterations later. For the men, visit a wedding suit showroom earlier on. Allow for plenty of time to learn about the styles that suit you, and to get that perfect fit.

Find Your Ceremony Venue And MC

Finding a venue and a person to officiate your wedding can be very simple. For example, if you want to marry in your hometown church, your family and friends can help you even if you no longer live there. For the sake of convenience, you should choose a place that is between your home and your parents’ home: just make sure that everyone on your guest list has the means to travel to your wedding destination.

Reception Venue

Think about your wedding dreams and then turn them into reality. Do you envision an outdoor garden for your wedding? If the weather agrees with your plans, you should go ahead and plan it. If there is a lovely courtyard nearby, you can use it as a venue for your wedding.

Do you prefer historic sites? You should rent a historic house in your neighborhood and use it. Local resources can help you to narrow down your choices further.

Wedding Day


If you have a lot of work to do before the day of your wedding, you should consider using nootropics to improve your cognitive function. According to the owner of Corpina, smart drugs will improve your memory and creativity.

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