Tips for Having a Tech Focused Career

Do you find yourself interested by the development of new apps? Perhaps you would love to learn computer science and write your own codes. There’s lots of ways that you can turn a love of technology into a career. One of the challenges about technology is that it’s always changing, so you’ll need to invest a little effort to stay ahead of the game. There are lots of different paths to choose from but here are some solid suggestions that will help you have a tech focused career:

Study Computer Science:

This is one of the most popular and “cutting-edge” fields of today. Choosing the best computer science degree can be a bit of a challenge, but it’s really important you sit down and consider your options. Look into what papers are offered in the final year to ensure that you can specialise in things that you are really interested in. Computer science is a pretty broad subject but it will open up so many doors to so many different things.

Teach Yourself:

The tech industry is one of the few industries where you can teach yourself enough and land yourself a great job – or even create one for yourself. Could you imagine a doctor teaching himself to be a surgeon and being able to practice? Nope. So use this to your advantage if you’re interested in anything tech-related. Perhaps you want to learn how to make smartphone Apps? This is possible. Of course there are courses and papers you can do to learn this, but thanks to the wonderful world wide web there’s actually ample resources online if you want to learn.

There are countless success stories of developers who have created apps that have just taken off. Flappy Birds, for example, was making so much money from advertising that the creator couldn’t keep up. I’m sure we’d all be pretty happy to earn a year’s salary in a day… the rewards can be outrageous.

Be an Intern:

Taking up an internship is a great way to get experience in any industry and the tech industry is no different. You might find yourself really interested in a new start up company that needs someone to just help out with basic things, put your hand up and get involved. Keep an eye out on social media to see if some of your favourite tech companies are hiring.

The tech industry is constantly evolving, at a rate even I find hard to keep up with. This means that it is one of the most exciting industries to be a part of, because there’s always something new on.

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