Tips for Managing Work-Related Stress

In recent years, there has been a massive increase in the number of people who are complaining of work-related stress, which in turn interferes with their performance on the job. From upper levels of management to the lowest hourly wage earner, stress in the workplace is a major problem and is growing by the day. If you are to combat stress on the job the first thing you need to do is define the source and then you can take steps to reduce the stress that you are experiencing in order to be more productive at what you do.


What Statistics Say

According to statistics published on the website, about 40% of the people experiencing stresses at work say the underlying cause is their workload. The next largest group which comprises about 20% of those studied thinks it is the inability to separate home and personal issues from their job, creating tension that is difficult to relieve. Another 28% believe their problems are caused by issues with people, other workers, and management; and only 6% are stressed because they fear job security. So if you are going to manage stress in the workplace, one thing to look at is how to lighten the workload for employees who are experiencing stress due to their inability to meet company goals.

The Role of Administration in Reducing Work Related Stress

As an administrator, you may have taken courses on employee psychology. Anyone with an online MBA degree would have had to have taken some form of psych class in order to get to the level of education they are at. You will then understand your role as an administrator and that is to recognize patterns in the workplace. If an inordinate number of your employees are expressing being stressed by the inability to meet goals on the job, it could be that you need to re-evaluate your expectations. In other words, as an administrator it is important for you to keep your hand on the pulse of the company.


Further Training May Be Needed

Most company administrators don’t have the time to take a leave of absence to continue their advanced curriculum, so they opt to register in online MBA programs if they want to get a master’s in business administration. Actually, further training for management may be what is needed in a case like this. Numbers don’t usually lie so if a majority of your workers are complaining that it isn’t humanly possible to keep up with your expectations, it just could be that they have a valid point. Learning effective leadership is imperative if you want to reduce stress in the workplace and what better way is there to do that than to attend AACSB online MBA accredited schools like Northeastern University.

What it boils down to is that it just could be that management is expecting too much from their employees. Yes, it’s important to operate within a budget, but overworked people don’t perform at their best, making it much harder to meet objectives. Whether through automation or simply a lighter workload, you can help your employees improve performance in order to get more work completed. As a business administrator, this responsibility rests on you so take the time to do a careful analysis and you’ll see how you can bring stress back to an acceptable level. By reducing their level of stress you’ll bring performance back to peak, which is the ultimate goal.

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