Tips for planning your wedding

If you’re getting married, congratulations! But while this is an exciting time, it can also be very stressful as well. Luckily, I’ve got some top tips to keep you organised (and sane) while you plan your big day:

Keep it all in perspective

It can be easy to stress out over every single detail, but that’s how you turn into a bridezilla. Remember that the whole point of having a wedding is so you can marry your favourite person. As long as you get to say “I do”, the wedding is a success. Whenever you begin stressing out over whether your centrepieces are perfect, or the exact colour of a certain flower, remember why you’re having the wedding in the first place.

Rent your stuff

Some people may assume that it’s cheaper to buy old furniture and redo it for your wedding. These are the people that you see having Pinterest fails. Instead, look into vintage party rentals. If you’re having a farmhouse wedding, you can get farmhouse table rentals, and you can even hire vintage bench rentals as well. Once you’ve got all your rentals sorted, you can focus on the smaller details.

Shop Smart

If you use your creativity, you can take advantage of all the money you’ll be spending and can get money or points back. If you get a credit card that has a rewards program or airpoints and then pay for all of your wedding expenses on that card, you’ll quickly accumulate lots of points which you can use as cash-back or for your honeymoon.

Check your list

Just like Santa, you need to make your list and then check it twice. One of the biggest ways to save money is by cutting your guest list, even though this can also be one of the most anxiety-inducing tasks. If you haven’t seen a certain friend or family member in years, don’t feel like you necessarily have to invite them- even if your parents insist (unless they’re paying for the wedding).

Remember your wedding is about declaring your love for your partner in front of your family and friends. That doesn’t have to include your great Aunt’s second cousin.

Make a kid plan

Your kid policy will need to be put in place well in advance, and you have a few different options here. The first is to allow everyone to bring their kids. The second option is to only allow adults to attend. Another option is to only allow kids of your immediate family (this can make people upset when their kids aren’t invited but they see other kids are there). Finally, you can hire a child care service to look after the kids that are invited.

Another good option can be to have an age limit- say only inviting kids over the age of 7 so they’re not crying or distracting everyone during the ceremony.

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