Top 25 Pest Control Products You Can Make at Home: DIY Homemade Pesticides

It is always recommended to let the experts handle your pests’ issue. However, using the services of a professional pest control company can be expensive. So before enlisting to them, try to do your own homemade pesticides. They are cheap and easy to make compared to commercial products. You do not need any fancy expensive products to make them. With only readily available ingredients at home, you can make very effective pesticides. Additionally, these products are eco-friendly. So, it’s a chance to promote organic pest control mechanisms. 

1. Rhubarb solution

Make a rhubarb solution using rhubarb leaves and liquid dish detergent. Boil for some minutes before using it. Note that the solution is poisonous so you should handle it with care. 

2. Garlic tea

To make a garlic tea, mix chopped garlic cloves and water. Stir the mixture until the batch cools. 

3. Garlic, peppers, and onion insecticide

You need pepper, garlic, and onion to prepare. Toss in a food processor and add water. Blend until you make a mash. Cover it with a hot gallon and let it settle for at least 24 hours. Then spray on roses and vegetables to kill bug infestations. 

4. Tomato brew

Prepare this by crushing tomato leaves and soak them in the water for days. You can use it to control grasshopper and whiteflies. Be careful because they are poisonous. 

5. Basil tea

Basil tea is good for the control of aphids. You can prepare it by boiling water with basil. Remove it from the heat, cover, and steep until it cools. Then mix it with soap to make a solution. 

6. Onion insect repellent

This product is good for the control of aphids, spiders, and other pests. You can prepare it by keeping onion skins in a fridge for long. After that, deep it in warm water and soak for days. Keep it in the sun too for a week.  Strain the bits and store the batch on spray bottles. You can also bury the onion bits where you have aphids, spiders, etc. Then spray the solution in the garden. 

7. Salt Spritz

Salt Spritz is good for spiders, mites, caterpillars, cabbage worms, and critters. All you need to prepare it is to mix water and table salt. 

8. Epsom salt formula

You can prepare it using 2 ounces of salt and 2 gallons of water. It can help with Black Spot, Mildew, Wilt, and rust. 

9. Slug bait trap

The beer attracts slugs. So, use shallow containers with such beer to harvest the slugs. They will drown in the beer once they enter.

10. Diatomaceous earth

This is a natural pesticide for almost all insects including ants, slugs, and snakes. You only need to sprinkle the diatomaceous earth on top of the soil around the area with the pests. 

11. Horticultural oil mix

You can prepare horticultural oil mix using vegetable oil dish detergent and water. Put the three in a bottle and shake it thoroughly. 


12. Pepper

Use hot pepper and detergent to prepare a pepper pest control concoction. If you prefer cayenne pepper you do not need to boil.

13. Citrus spritzes

You can prepare this using orange or lemon peels. Boil water, add the peels and cover. You can use this solution to control whiteflies.

14. Soapy Baking soda

Prepare it using dish detergent, water, and baking soda. Mix all the ingredients and spray it to pests.

15. Peppermint tea

You can prepare this using peppermint essential oil and water. Combine the mixture and spray insects with it. It is very effective when you use it on ants. 

16. Japanese Beetle Bait trap

You can use it to control the beetle infestation. Prepare it with water, mashed banana, sugar, wine, and yeast. Mix the ingredients, cover, and place them in the sun for a day. When it is ready, open the lid and place it in the garden. 

17. Potato tea

Prepare it using potato plant leaves. Chop and cover them with hot water for a day in a sunny window. When it is ready, spray it to the area with pests. 

18. Neem solution

Prepare this solution using Neem soap. Add water and allow it to settle for an hour. Shake it and it is ready for use. 

19. Mineral oil spritzes

You can prepare this product using 3 parts of oil per 100 parts of water. Use it to control Aphids, Coding Moth, Leaf Roller, and White Fly.

20. Easy solution

This is a mixture of soap flakes and quart water. You should let the mixture dissolve before using it. Note you should not use detergents. 

21. Pest prevention concentrate

You can prepare it using dish soap and vegetable oil. After mixing the ingredients, store the mixture in an airtight container. It is ready for use immediately. 

22. Eggshells

Sprinkle crushed eggshells around the place you want to eradicate the pests. The shells make the place uncomfortable whenever they try to access your home. 

23. Copper rings

Place the rings around the plants as a deterrent. It gives the pests a shock whenever they approach the plant you want to protect. 

24. DIY coffee repellent

You can use leftover coffee to spray on the plants where pests have invaded. Also, you can opt to sprinkle it around vegetation to ward off the pests. 

25. Vinegar

You only need to mix vinegar and water. Then spray the mixture to pests once spotted. You need to be careful though not to spray on the plants because it can scorch leaves. 


Above are some of the best pest control products you can prepare at home. These are cheap alternative to expensive artificial products. Additionally, these products are environmentally friendly. You can try any of these methods to see which one works best for you. 

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