Top 4 Must-Have Hair Trends To Turn Heads This Summer

Summer is upon us, and that means the season of sunshine, holidays, barbecues and festivals! We’ve put together some of the best hair trends around this year to get you noticed wherever you’re spending time this summer. Styling tongs at the ready!


1 Big Beachy Waves

The ever-popular longhaired look never leaves the runways; it’s a most classic and feminine style, which can be easily achieved even with naturally straight or frizzy hair. If you’ve got curly hair naturally, smoothing products will definitely be needed for this look, and it might take a little more time.  For this look, you’ll need:

2 Short Hair, Don’t Care

Summer’s a great time to experiment with your hairstyle. Hotter weather unfortunately means long hair can make you a little hot under the collar – so now’s a great time to make the chop! The ‘artfully dishevelled’ look has been rocked by celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Scarlett Johansson if you’re searching for inspiration. Get in on the trend and style with the following:

  • Wax or hair putty for an effortless look
  • Hairdressing comb to style – there’s a great range at Capital Hair and Beauty with lots of different types to suit your hair
  • Hairspray to set the look in place

3 Festival Hair

Get creative with a couple of buns or braids and plaits – fishtail plaits are great to keep your hair in check over a weekend and look on trend to boot. Remember hair mascara and glitter spray? Well it’s time to bring out the 90s kid in you, and get the colours out once more – the more the better. Why not go a step further and channel your inner Gwen Stefani, and get the washed-out raver look with some bright hair dye colours. Try these out:

  • Glitzy hairbands
  • Feathers and beads
  • French braids

4 Accessorise To The Max

High street fashion brands are taking after the haute couture stylings of labels like Valentino and Dolce and Gabbana, and introducing the average shopper to loud and proud hair accessories like brooches, delicate scarves and sparkly slides. Here are some ideas:

Experimenting with your hair during your holidays is a great way to display your style and stand out from the crowd, as well as inspire you to try something new. Why not make a Pinterest inspiration board to curate ideas you find online to try out at home? Get inspired and get styling!


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