Top 5 Cool Jobs That Involves Traveling

Many of us love to travel, but simply don’t get enough vacation time to see as much of the world as we’d like to. If this has become a serious concern for you, there’s any easy solution ─ find a job that pays you to travel. You’ll be able to earn a steady paycheck and log some serious travel miles without having to foot a hefty bill.

Not only are the following five jobs cool, they allow you to become a serious jetsetter:


Travel Nurse

Combine your love of caring for others with your passion for traveling by becoming a travel nurse. You’ll work primarily in hospitals, filling in at facilities that temporarily need a little extra help. Not only will you enjoy the ability to choose where you travel, you’ll also get to decide on a specialty and benefit from paid housing and travel costs. The average assignment lasts 8-13 weeks and most travel nurses earn around $75,000 per year ─ assuming a 48 hour work week at $40 per hour. You can find the latest travel nursing jobs opportunities on

Flight Attendant

Become the ultimate jetsetter and get paid for it by taking a job as a flight attendant. This is one of the only careers offering you the chance to start your workday in one city and end it in another across the country ─ or even on a different continent. Spend your days meeting new and interesting customers from around the world and helping to make their journey more enjoyable. As of May 2012, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) cites the average salary of a flight attendant at $37,240 per year, with the added bonus of receiving free or discounted flights for yourself, your friends, and your family.



Take your problem-solving skills on the road by going to work as a consultant. These professionals travel to companies in different cities, performing on-site analyses to help them cut costs and increase efficiency. Enjoy having the chance to meet all kinds of interesting people, work on a wide-variety of projects, and spend time in countless cities all over the country ─ and even the world. As of May 2012, the BLS cites the average salary of a consultant at $78,600.

ESL Teacher

Travel the world teaching others English to students in other countries. You’ll have the opportunity to live and work in a new country and then move on to your next adventure when your contract is up. Most of these positions are also very flexible, providing you with with significant time off to really explore the area and immerse yourself in the culture. Salary can vary greatly by area of the world, but as of May 2013, the BLS cites average salaries at around $53,850 per year.

Trade Show Coordinator/Event Planner

Trade show coordinators, also known as event planners, travel frequently organizing meetings, conferences, trade shows, and other events. They’re tasked with coordinating every aspect of an event, to ensure a seamless execution. Not only do they travel to different cities to attend their events, they also hit the road to meet with sponsors and scope out locations prior to booking a venue. As of May 2012, the BLS cites the average salary for these professionals at $45,810.

If you don’t enjoy being tied to a desk, there’s no reason to stay grounded. Find a job that allows you to travel the world doing something you’re passionate about, and each day will feel like a new adventure.




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