Top 5 dog friendly beaches

Going to the beach can be a really relaxing experience regardless of who you are and what your hobbies are. Yet, when you are the proud “parent” of a dog, you will definitely want to bring your fluffy friend with you. From buying one of the best dog crates to being absolutely certain your pup is fully comfortable throughout the trip, you will do everything in your power to make this a happy experience for all of you!

What are some of the best dog friendly beaches? We have gathered 5 of them right below – so read on, learn more and select one of the finest dog friendly beaches, so that both you and your pup feel excellent on your vacation.


Watergate Bay, North Cornwall, UK

Planning a trip to the UK with your pooch? The Watergate Bay in North Cornwall is an excellent choice, then! Not only are they pet friendly, but they even promoted themselves as one of the very best dog friendly beaches out there. Your dog will feel absolutely excellent on this marvelous beach!

Bellochantuy Beach, Kintyre Peninsula, Scotland

If you want to go North with your UK trip, you should definitely visit the Bellochantuy Beach in Scotland. Famous for its intimacy and secluded vibes, this beach is more than perfect for someone who wants to be on one of the best dog friendly beaches in the world. Enjoy the view and allow your furry friend to soak up the breeze of the salty water too!

The Montrose Dog Beach, Chicago, USA

As one of the first leash-free dog friendly beaches in Chicago, the Montrose Dog Beach will be perfect for a trip to the beach where you want all of your family to be there with you. Your dog will love running around the beautiful sands of this beach! You will find the dog friendly part at the closest point to the city to the Northwest of the Montrose Beach.


Porthkidney Beach, nr St Ives, USA

This is widely known as the Happy Dog Beach – and not without reason. A true Heaven for both pups and their “parents”, the Porthkidney Beach is a long stretch of secluded, gorgeous sand where you will almost always find dog walkers enjoying their time with their furry friends. Such a beautiful and amazing place to bring your dog to!

Gold Beach, Oregon State Park, USA

Windsurfing may not be your top-choice when it comes to entertainment at the beach. Yet, regardless of whether you actually enjoy this activity or if you are simply searching for one of the finest dog friendly beaches with fun things for your pup to do, you can rest assured that this beach South of the Gold Beach will rise up to your standards. With dog windsurfing options available, this beach is a really great variant if you want to bring your dog with you.

Of course, there are many other fantastic beaches that are more than dog friendly. Before you bring your pooch to see the golden sands though, be sure to check with the rules there, so that you don’t have to face any kind of issues once you find yourself on the beach itself.

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