Top 5 eco-friendly solutions for your backyard

We are seeing a surge of eco-friendly products in last 10 years.

This isn’t really surprising given how many people are opting to change their ways and start doing things that are good for the planet. Unfortunately, with so many items that are sold on the market, it is really hard to say what is good and what is bad.

But, besides the products, there are also many things which you can create yourself. For a person that knows everything about DIY, it would be a shame not to go this route.

Let’s check several eco solutions that can be placed in your backyard and can help your household a great deal.

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 1.       Wood conservation

If you have a bigger backyard you probably have a lot of different items and structures within it. Most of them are made out of wood.

Even though we periodically change or refurbish some of them, most of the material used for the initial construction can be recycled. Unless wood is rotten there is no real reason why you wouldn’t save planks and other wooden part for later date.

 2.       Avoid asphalt

A lot of homeowners have concrete in their backyard. Whether we are talking about area around the pool or garden pathways, people will use a lot of concrete just so they can have nicer exterior design.

Although I am not saying that exterior design is irrelevant, you should consider using other materials. For example, pathways made from pebbles are also very stylish. The main difference here is that asphalt requires much more work and processing than pebbles.

In fact, based on where you’re living, there is probably a source of pebbles which you can use and transport to your home.

 3.       Water tanks and barrels

Water barrels are something that has been used for ages. Nowadays, we also have its modern successor in a form of tanks.

No matter what you choose, both of these can save a lot of money for you.

Rainwater barrels and tanks can be used to collet rainwater. Water from barrels is usually unprocessed thus used for gardening and washing your card. Water from tanks is filtered and with a water pump it can even be used in your own home (ForPumps have some great suggestions).

Given increases in water bills, this is definitely something worth considering.

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 4.       Windmills

Like barrels, windmills are something that has been used for a while.

Of course, their use has slightly changed nowadays and instead of using it for wheat, we use it as a way of generating electricity.

Windmills with strong turbines can easily harness the power of the wind and use it utilize it for your own home. It even better when you know they go high instead of wide. This means that lot less of your backyard will be used for placing one.

 However, there are certain concerns. First of all, you need direct wind blowing into it and a lot of windy days during a year. Otherwise, the investment probably won’t be worth it.

 5.       Solar panel

Solar panels or solar collectors are a good alternative to windmills.

Same way windmills require unobstructed wind and a lot of windy days, solar panels require sun. Most homeowners place them on roof of their house but you can easily put them in your backyard.

Regardless of what you choose between these two, it would be a real shame if you wouldn’t generate electricity yourself. These devices may seem expensive at first but they will quickly pay for themselves. It becomes even better when you know that a lot of countries in the world give subsidies to households that have them.

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