Top 5 Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

Almost everybody out there has that one friend who has it all: the electronics, the car, the money, the books and every single thing he/she may wish for. Making presents for these people when the time comes (birthdays, anniversaries or even weddings) can feel like a torture to most of us, as we are left at a loss on what we could actually offer someone who already has everything possible. The answer to this is not something you will find anywhere else than in your heart, in trying to find something that is more emotional than practical and something that puts emphasis on the relationship between the two of you, rather than the price tag. Here are some of the best ideas on what to offer those who already have it all.


1. Engraved Glassware

Everybody needs glassware and everybody has it. From drinking cups to vases, glassware is everywhere you turn in a house and even if your friend or relative already has a good set of it, you can still give them something with even more personality. Engraved glassware can be an amazing solution for those who want to subtly suggest something special. It can be great for birthday gifts, but it can be great for wedding gifts as well since you can engrave it with whatever goes through your mind: names, messages, years, and so on. There is an extensive range of luxury gifts by Alexander and James if you’re looking for some inspiration.

2. A Scrapbook

If you know your friend or relative is of a more sentimental type, then they will love a scrapbook made with your own two “bare” hands. This works especially well if you have known each other for a very long time and you have a lot of photos you could include in the scrapbook.

3. A Surprise Trip

This works especially if the person to whom you are trying to offer this gift is your special someone. It does not necessarily have to be Paris, any of the nice surrounding attractions would be good. Even if your special one has already been there, going there one more time, with you only will definitely make for a great surprise gift they will appreciate.


4. Hobby Lessons

If you know this person has always wanted to do something, but somehow they just never actually got to doing it, then it is high time you booked them some lessons. Guitar lessons, piano lessons, cooking lessons, Ikebana lessons – everything works as long as you know for sure that the person to whom you are offering them will actually want to do it. They will definitely appreciate a friend or relative who knows what they truly want and is ready to support their ambitions!

5. Something Made by You

Leaving aside the scrapbook, there are definitely a lot of things you can do yourself with your own two hands. You could make this person a nice piece of jewelry (earrings are quite easy to make and you will find places where you can buy the materials), something for their home, homemade soap and many other things that are easy, fun and accessible to make. Creativity is the key ingredient!

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