Top Seven Student Life Hacks

If you have an interest in balancing your studies, your social life and passions, technology is the tool to employ in attaining this goal that many are trying to do. The following are tech hacks that can make your life stress-free; when going to class, carrying your folder or notepad daily can strain your back and frustrate you. The feeling of wanting a device to do custom essay for me can as well prevail.

It is therefore vital to take advantage of lightweight, devices of hybrid category for instance Surface 3. Surface 3 can act as notepad having the clip-on keyboard, or your textbook having digital versions of books and the rest. Applications like the Drawboard PDF allows you to make annotations about main chapters as well as sections of digital lectures, not forgetting the ideal Surface Pen contained in the device that enables one to take notes that are handwritten during lectures.


Figure 1: Lesson recording platform


Figure 2: Class sessions with IT

OneNote enables the user to access notes from anywhere, at any time, and by use of any device powered by the cloud technology. Science contends that handwriting is more effective on learning and remembering things, thus important for exam preparations. Sometimes you may look at your notes and doubt or question yourself why or how you came about into writing something that you misunderstand. OneNote allows you to take notes and record your very lectures. You can play your recorded notes when you start reading your notes. This assists in tying your thoughts and notes together, and enables you to listen to the words of the professor as many times as you wish.

Surface 3 can read to you when you are tired, at a park or when having a break. It narrates books, worksheets and PDFs, thus giving a break to the workout of your ears by just having a few taps. Editing paper diaries is frustrating and one can easily misplace them. Outlook app enables you to organize life digitally no matter how busy you are. This entails addition of schedules to your lectures, social events and many others to avoid missing any event.

It is sometimes frustrating when you try to organize your worksheets, written notes, and trying to keep them safe from getting lost. The Surface 3 device with the OneNote feature enables you scan worksheets and consequently convert them to PDFs so as to annotate them when need arises. This allows you to take as well as keep notes, enabling you to file them on your own device. Not every individual likes numbers; sometimes some calculations cannot be computed by even the top brains of mathematics. Carrying a calculator used to be the answer and this added weight to your own bag. For the TI-89 calculator lovers, it is possible to load this to a surface now, thus giving you all functions on the screen without switching devices.

It becomes a challenge when there is need for group work to be done quickly with a classmate who lives and works from different areas. By use of online tools for instance office 365, collaboration can be achieved in this platform on similar document and update yourselves as you need. This does not bring worries about version control. At any time and from any place, group participants can participate to co-edit their documents through the cloud. Skype calls can be done to discuss anything in the group.

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