Top Things to do in Australia

Australia is a must-visit for many people, but the country is so large that it can be hard to decide how you’ll spend your time once you arrive. With such diverse landscape, friendly people and interesting animals, it’s easy to see why so many people travel to Australia and end up calling it home. So do not hesitate, you can always tap into your home equity line of credit through BB&T if you are worried about financing your trip, just go!

Here are some of the top things to do in Australia:


Try the Food

Australia is a country with a wide variety of food, much of it having been adapted since the country was first colonised. The influx of migrants during the gold rush din the 1850’s introduced Australia to coffee and foods from China, America and Europe.

The multicultural population of Australia means that you’ll find African, Indian, Mediterranean, Asian and European food throughout the country. Kangaroo is considered delicious by many, and is a very high-protein, low fat meat. Fish and chips have to be eaten on the beach, and be sure to stop into some of the many bakeries where you’ll find meat pies, sandwiches and delicious cakes.


Take a Road Trip

Australia is the perfect country to see on a road trip. Because the country is so vast, flying means that you’ll miss out on some of the best parts, including the gorgeous landscape. Hiring a camper van or buying a cheap car and some camping gear is the best way to travel. Get a few friends together and you’ll be able to split the costs, making it much better for your budget than flights and hotels.

You’ll also be able to avoid airports and spend more time seeing the country and less waiting for flights. Road trips allow you to go where you please, without a set itinerary and give you a freedom that you just can’t find if you constantly need to look for hotels or are flying into the main cities.


Play with the locals

Aussies are known for their competitive spirit (and love of a few drinks). The best place to get to know them is by playing in a local casino. Practice your casino skills at Spinpalace before heading into town in your best clothes. Give yourself a limit and be sure to chat to the locals while you’re gambling so you can meet new people and find out where the best place is for drinks later that night.


Have a Beach Christmas

Christmas is in summer in Australia, making it the best time to explore the country. Become a local for the day and have a Christmas BBQ followed by a swim at the local beach. It may not feel like the holidays if you’re used to a white Christmas, but you’ll be able to experience Christmas on the other side of the world.


Meet the wildlife

Australia is known for its wildlife, so be sure to go to a zoo or wildlife park to see koalas, kangaroos and lots of other interesting animals. Take the obligatory photo cuddling the koala and feed a kangaroo to make all your Facebook friends jealous.

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