Top Tips for Decorating your Bathroom

If your bathroom is letting the rest of your house down, you’re not alone. In fact, bathrooms are one of the rooms which get the least amount of attention and are often left to last when people are home decorating as they assume that decorating the bathroom will be both expensive and stressful.

If you’re finally ready to decorate your bathroom, but you don’t want your budget to get out of control, here are some tips to ensure you’ll end up with a bathroom you can show off to visitors, without feeling like you’ve spent too much:


Buy Some Paint

Painting your bathroom is one of the best ways to make it look like a brand new room. And if you’ve been wanting to try a new colour, or just cover up that hideous 80’s wallpaper, now’s your chance. You’ll be surprised by the great colours and styles you can get on clearance, just be sure to buy paint which will last in the damp bathroom environment.

One great way to make a room look bigger and more interesting is by adding a painted feature wall. Just make sure you have all the decorating supplies you need before you get started.

Show your personality

Many people mistakingly believe that bathrooms should be almost sterile, leaving guests to wonder if they’ve stepped into a hotel. Hang some of the kids artwork on the walls, take the time to do some stencilling, or transform blank walls with photo wall murals. Check out for some great photo ideas.


Do it yourself

There are few things more satisfying than transforming a room in your home and knowing you did the majority of it yourself. If you’re good with your hands and have some free time, why not head to a second-hand store or garage sale and find some bargains which you can then repurpose. You’d be surprised at how nice a table can look after being sanded and revarnished, and there are plenty of tips and tricks on websites like Pinterest where you can find ideas to revamp your bathroom.

Shop around

There are plenty of great places selling bathroom supplies so if you can’t find what you need initially, don’t give up! A little research can ensure you get that exact colour of paint, the perfect bathroom vanity, or even the best brush for touchups.


Update your wall panels and ceiling cladding

While many people assume that this will be an expensive job, buying new bathroom wall panels and ceiling cladding is one of the best ways to ensure your bathroom looks clean, fresh, and revamped. Choose colours that won’t date, like white or off-white and you can be more adventurous when you choose the smaller touches and accessories for the room.

Add some Accessories

That brings us to the final tip. Good bathrooms stand out from mediocre ones due to the small touches that make the room interesting and welcoming. Choose pretty candles, fresh flowers, interesting paintings or whatever catches your eye and makes you smile

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