Top Tips For Moving Out of Home

Moving out of home and away from the care of your parents can be very daunting but something we must all go through. So if you are ready to leave the nest here are some top tips that will help you in making this transition in life a lot easier.

1. Learn to cook

This is an area most people struggle with when first out of home. All of a sudden you learn that dinner doesn’t just magically appear at 5pm on the dinner table. But fair not there are so many good sites out there like Continental, which give you so many great recipe ideas. Not only that using pre made sauces etc can make cooking super easy too.


2. Learn to budget

Unfortunately money isn’t gown on trees and learning how to budget is an essential life skill that needs to be mastered quickly when first moving out of home.  Work out your weekly income and then each week ensure you have put enough money aside for all the basic living costs like rent and food. Also take into account your monthly bills like power and internet then divide that up into a weekly cost. Also don’t forget about other extras like transport and entertainment. Set aside a separate bank account that then has an automatic payment that will cover these costs each week. Having an emergency fund is a good idea too for unexpected expenses like dentists or car bills.

3. Keep on top of your chores

Don’t let your self become a slob and stay on top of your weekly chores. This includes your cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry etc. Once you let one area slip it’s easy to let everything else go and before you know it, you having run out of clean clothes and have no food in the house. So set yourself a weekly to do list, and then stick to it.


4. Find the right place with the right people

You want your first time moving out of home to be enjoyable, so picking the right place and right people to live with is key. Think about what type of home will suit you and where. If you work and live in the city the perhaps a city apartment would suit you. Or if you surf, maybe a house down by the beach would be more ideal. Try and pick housemates who have similar interests and lifestyle to you. It’s going to be no fun living with a bunch of party animals if you like to spend your time at the gym and eating healthy.



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