Travelling With Medical Issues: What Precautions Should You Take?

We get all ill from time to time while others will encounter major issues during their lives. Whether it’s a minor illness or a real problem, those conditions shouldn’t stop you from living your life. If that means travelling when you aren’t 100%, then so be it.

However, international travel can be tough enough at the best of times. Therefore, it’s imperative that you take the necessary precautions to ensure that your journey is as comfortable and safe as it can be. Focus on these elements before, and you should be just fine.

Warn The Airline

If travelling with an illness, you may need to take special medication on the flight just in case. Unfortunately, these may not be allowed under normal circumstances. Therefore, it’s advised that you call the airline at the earliest stage possible to gain support.

In severe cases, you may even require the support of commercial medical escorts to keep you safe throughout the journey. This is most likely when you are taking long trips and are travelling alone. Alternatively, you must just need to call the airline to warn them of a nut allergy or similar condition.

Consider The Travel Options

In ordinary situations, the quickest and cheapest travel method is the best. When travelling with a health condition, however, this might not always be true. Flying when pregnant, for example, can be a no go. But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on travel altogether.

There are a variety of other situations where using other modes of transport may be advantageous. From fears of flying or boats to short-term medical issues, it’s important to do what’s best for you. Ultimately, comfort is king. Do not forget it.


Remove Stress

International travel is hard enough when you aren’t faced with an illness or condition. As such, the need to avoid other forms of stress is greater than ever. After all, allowing yourself to become agitated could make your medical problem worse. At the very least, it could make you forget important aspects of your illness management.

Arriving at the airport or train station early is vital. This is especially true if you need additional help getting from departures to the aircraft. Meanwhile, simple comforts like a good book or a travel pillow can make the journey ahead feel less stressful. With a calmer state of mind, you’ll be far less likely to encounter problems.

Think About Your Arrival

Again, warning the airline about special requirements can make life a lot easier once you land. Even if it’s just making the journey to the arrivals lounge easier, you should not overlook those benefits. However, those responsibilities shouldn’t stop there.

If the country you’re visiting requires a visa, it’s vital that you declare any conditions or additional information. Otherwise, medication could potentially flag up a few issues. Finally, you need to consider the onward travel. Whether it’s renting a car or booking trains doesn’t matter. If it makes life easier, especially if you’re in pain or discomfort, this should be considered essential.

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