Up And Coming American Cities That You Should Move To Right Now

Are you getting bored of your hometown? Or maybe you want to move somewhere cheaper, or with more job opportunities. Whatever your reason for wanting to move, how do you decide? There are plenty of great places that you could move to, but a lot of them might be a bit too expensive. If you are looking for somewhere cool to live, but you don’t want to pay a premium for it, there are plenty of up and coming cities all over America that you could try.

Jacksonville, Florida


This large city in northeastern Florida has one of the fastest growing economies in the country, so if you’re looking for more job opportunities, then this is the place for you. They recorded nearly four percent growth last year, so it’s no surprise that people are moving there in droves. You’ll also have the benefit of amazing weather, as well as improved job prospects. As the city becomes more popular, the prices are sure to increase, so get in while you can.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids is another growing economy, and although it is not expanding quite as quickly as Jacksonville, the range of jobs on offer is much wider. If you are interested in a career in healthcare, manufacturing or education, then Grand Rapids is particularly good.

Fargo, North Dakota


Best known as the setting of the Coen Brothers movie, and now a hit tv show, Fargo in North Dakota is a wonderful city. It is considered one of the best cities for recent college graduates that are looking for work. It also boasts a vibrant nightlife, with plenty of museums, galleries and restaurants throughout the area.

Overland Park, Kansas

If you’re thinking of starting a family, and you want to move somewhere new to do it, then Overland Park is definitely worth considering. It has a very low crime rate, and a great economy. There are also plenty of good schools, and entertainment options for the whole family. House prices can be a bit high here, so before deciding to buy, have a company like http://urbanpropertyinspections.com.au do a property inspection for you, to ensure that your new house is in good condition.

San Mateo, California

san mateo.jpeg

San Mateo is one of the more forward thinking cities in the country. This city, set in the middle of the Silicon Valley, is very focused on sustainability. Public transport links are great, and the majority of people that live here use them regularly. There are also lots of great parks and other outdoor spaces to enjoy. If green living is important to you, then you will love San Mateo.

Walnut Creek, California

If food is your passion, then give Walnut Creek a try. The booming restaurant trade in the city is accented by the wealth of farmers markets, offering delicious local produce to the surrounding businesses. If you are very politically active, this a great city to move to, as the residents like to get heavily involved in both local and national politics.

Ann Arbour, Michigan

ann arbour.jpeg

Ann Arbour, Michigan is a hotbed for the liberal political movement in America. If you are so inclined, then you could find a lot of like minded people living in the city. It is also one of the best college towns in the country, so if you are looking to the long term, it might be a great place to raise your kids in the future. The city is also home to over one hundred parks, so if you like to get outside, then this is the place for you.

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