Using Travel Rewards For Cheap Travel

When you board your next flight, look around you. Chances are a good portion of the passengers didn’t pay for their flights. How? Rewards points. It’s possible to collect enough points during your everyday savings to pay for a flight, or two, or ten each year. Of course, this depends on your own personal spending habits so I cannot estimate how far your spending would get you – but if you’re not bothering to collect travel rewards, you’re missing out.


What is Avios?

Avios is a company that allows you to collect Avios points, which you then can redeem for travel. The travel rewards are quite flexible, you can book: flights, car rental, hotels and even tickets for certain shows. Travel can be expensive, especially if you’re planning a trip for your whole family. Using Avios is a great way to keep costs low so that you can perhaps extend your holiday, or start taking them more frequently.

Collecting points is easy, too. You can collect Avios while you spend normally, so you don’t really have to do anything else except sign up.


Avios are actually running a competition at the moment where you can win a host of prizes, including free flights, accommodation, tickets on Eurostar and complimentary access to certain events. If you’re interested, you should enter here.

If you like watching feel-good movies, feel free to check out the latest YouTube clip from Avios, here you will hear heartfelt stories from people who have been through a lot and entered a competition in a bid to win their nominated person free flights somewhere. 50 winners were chosen and this video is a great summary of what went on. If you’re sensitive, have the tissues ready.


Who Should Use Avios?

Anyone who loves travel – or loves gifting travel. Signing up to Avios is easy and it doesn’t really require much work on your part. Just continue to spend as you do and reap the rewards, literally. Many people don’t bother signing up for travel reward programs because they do not think it will be worth it, but how can free travel not be worth a bit of effort?

Using travel rewards for cheap travel is one of my favourite travel hacks. Whether you want to use the Avios points in order to fly for free, or you want to subsidise some of your accommodation costs, it’s totally up to you.

Do you use travel reward programs at all? If so, what’s the best thing you’ve ever purchased. I would love to hear in the comments below.

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