Want To Get The Best Out Of Your Ipad? Find Out Here

Ipads are great machines, they offer endless functionality for people from all walks of life. You may use your Ipad for work, gaming or just for recreation, or maybe a bit of both. However, there is always more to learn, and here we explore how you can truly get the best out of your Ipad.

Learn the Correct Gesture Controls

Ipads have some snappy gesture controls that only a few people use, they can save you time and effort whilst on your device. Get to the multitasking screen by swiping up with four fingers, or to simply switch apps, swipe left or right with four fingers. You can get to the home screen by pinching the screen, if typing in landscape, you can use two fingers to pull the keyboard apart, this way your thumbs will reach the letters with ease. The Ipad’s screen space allows for more gesture controls, so make use of them to get through things more quickly.

Beware Of An IOS Virus

You’ll only get the most from your Ipad if it’s working properly, if it has spyware or malware installed it’s going to lag, and lag bad. There’s also a danger of of installing apps that can access key information, such as passwords to your online banking or social media accounts. They will be able to access all of your images and cloud data too, so it really does pay to be aware. You can get some of these viruses by installing applications on your device. There are some great ipad antivirus software out there, with reviews to ensure you pick the right one. Just think, you’re Ipad is basically the same as a computer, and they have viruses all the time.

Quick Mute

Sometimes you’ll be sat on a train or in class and you’ll open your Ipad only to realise you were last watching a super noisy music video or youtube clip. Well, if you hold the down volume button for around a second and a half it’ll quickly mute your device, it’s much quicker than having to rapidly click down.

Enable Parenting Controls

Ipads are great for kids and indeed the whole family, but sometimes you may want your children restricted from certain things that could do them harm or cause complications. Apps offer in app purchases and it’s all too easy for a child to buy more of whatever they need. If you go through settings, then general and into restriction settings so you can lock various apps with passcode. Once set, even the settings restriction menu is password protected too.

Use The Triple Click

If you double click you’ll get to your multitask screen. But, again through settings, you can turn on a triple click. You can customise this to whatever setting you choose such as zoom, voice over and invert colours. It’s a great little trick for those needed that little bit of extra help around their Ipad. The Zoom function is particularly useful, but if you wanted to use it for multiple things it will let you choose which, so tripple tap it and a small menu will pop up asking which function you want to use.

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