What to get Dad for Fathers Day 2015?

With Fathers Day just over a month away, those who are organised will already be thinking about what to get dad. Here are some top ideas for Fathers Day 2015:

Take him out

Instead of resorting to the typical dad gifts like booze or electronics, take him out and spend some quality time together.

You don’t need a bunch of money to ensure dad has an amazing day, so take him out for lunch, go for a drive, or maybe get in some golf time. Your dad will appreciate spending time with his kids, and you’ll be able to make the most of day without having to worry about last-minute gift shopping.


Help around the house

Often we expect dads to do all the dirty work. This is a cheap solution which dad is guaranteed to appreciate, so paint the fence, trim the hedges, or finally organise those boxes of stuff he’s been storing for the last ten years.

Take a class

Has your dad been meaning to learn a language, discover some new photography tricks, or finally understand the mystery of the computer? If he’s been wanting to try something new, sign him up for a package of classes, and to make it extra special, why not sign yourself up as well and do the classes together?

Make it personalised

Has your dad been hinting about something specific? If he’s been wanting to buy a new power tool, electronic, or piece of furniture and you don’t have the time to go shopping, simply buy it online,and see if you can have it delivered in time for the big day. This will show how much you listen to him when he’s talking, and how much you care about the little things.


Invest in his sleep

As we get older we often feel little aches and pains which we’ve never felt before. If you have siblings, why not go in together and invest in a new bed for dad? Take him bed shopping, and let him decide whether he likes a more supportive style bed, or one which is as soft as a cloud. You’re guaranteed to make his day, and every time he crawls into his warm, comfortable bed he’ll think about how awesome his child is.

Take him to a game or concert

Whether he’s a football fan, or has a band he sincerely loves, surprising dad with tickets is the ultimate way to get in his good books. Bonus points if you go with him, or invite his closest friend or your mum. There are so many great games and concerts this year, you’re sure to find one which will allow him to brag to all his friends.

Find him a friend

Has your dad been a little lonely lately? Does he have room in his life for a pet? If so, clear it with your mum and then surprise him with a little box of joy, or a cute rescue dog from the shelter. Not only are you doing a good deed, but you’ll be giving him a friend to keep him company.

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