When Companies Support Charities

Being charitable is a great thing for the soul – but is it good for your business too? Many small and medium businesses are not even aware of the fact that supporting charities goes beyond getting good karma and it is more than “just” goodness of the soul in the end. As a matter of fact, there are business-related benefits one can reap from this as well and they will be described further on.


1. Publicity and Gaining Visibility

If your company will support a charitable event, then you will have made a very good decision of helping others and “giving back” to society. Yet, what you may not know is that you can ask the charitable event’s organisers to mention your name at the beginning of the event as well as on posters, banners and on other products that will be shared with the guests that attend that event. All in all, this can definitely create a lot of visibility for your brand and it can put you out there the same way as advertising would.


2.You Will Gain People’s Hearts and Trustworthiness

People purchase their products and services based on a lot of criteria. Price is, of course, one of them and so is quality. But when things go beyond that, they will look into a brand’s characteristics. If they like the feelings a particular brand inspires in them, then it is much more likely that they will purchase those products – even if they are completely new on the market and even if they are not particularly familiar with that brand (so that they can actually trust it).

By participating and helping in a charitable event, you will create a good image for your company. If people associate your company with actual charity, it is more likely that they will get to trust your products and/or services more than in other cases precisely because you will have a “good” aura surrounding your entire business.


3. There are Other Benefits as Well

If the charitable event you sustain will be very well organised, it is very much likely that you get to meet important people if you attend the event (and you will receive free tickets – that is for sure). You may meet other business people or celebrities, it depends on what the charity has as special guests.

Newcastle Permanent’s Charity Efforts

Newcastle Permanent has been involved in certain charity events throughout the years. As a matter of fact, they have managed to raise more than $25,000 in 2013 for a number of charities. You can check out Newcastle Permanent’s charity fundraising below:

Pink Ribbon Day (a charity supporting breast cancer awareness),

  • Salvation Army (which you are most likely familiar with already),
  • Leukemia Foundation,
  • Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea (a foundation aiming to help cancer patients),
  • Give Me Five for Kids (a charity aiming to help sick kids and their parents),
  • Jeans for Genes (a charity aiming to help children with genetic disorders),
  • Sids and Kids (a foundation aiming to help children at birth, during pregnancy, and so on),
  • Mai-Wel Group (aiming to help people with disabilities)

While helping charities is good for the charities and the wider community, it can be said to be good for business too – now that’s what I call a win-win.

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