When Should I Look For A New Doctor?

A lot of people think that doctors are more or less universal in their competence and professionalism. While it’s true that they don’t let any old person start practicing, medicine is a profession like any other, and some people are less suited for the job than others. If you’re starting to have doubts about your doctor, or you simply want to make sure you’re getting the best standards of care, here are some signs that it may be time to find a new doctor

They Keep You in the Dark

Good doctors should be open and honest about why they’re recommending a certain course of treatment or a specific test, and should share all the results openly with their patients. They may be making the best decisions for your condition, but if they’re constantly keeping you in the dark, it shows a major lack of respect for their patients. It’s also important that a doctor can condense complex medical jargon into terms which you can understand. Your health is way too important to be kept in the dark about, so don’t let this go on for too long!

They Make You Uncomfortable, or you Wonder About their Competence

Doctors will occasionally need to know intimate details about your health, things that you may not even share with your closest friends and relatives. If you find it hard to disclose these kinds of facts, even when you know you really should, it may be time to go looking for a new doctor. If you’re not confident in their abilities, then it’s only going to be a drain on your health, and could end up straining your relationship with all medical professionals in the future. Injury lawyers all over the country have dealt with medical malpractice suits where the patient thought something was up, but couldn’t put their finger on it. Keep an eye out for any kind of sloppy, and potentially serious medical mistakes. For example, if your doctor tries to prescribe you a medication which you’re allergic to, despite this allergy being in your history, there’s no such thing as ditching them too soon! Every patient should be able to feel calm and confident in the presence of their doctor. If you’re uneasy every time you hop on the bed, even if it’s nothing specific, go looking for someone else.

They Don’t Listen

Does your doctor consistently listen to what you have to say without interrupting? If the answer to this is “no”, it can be another major sign that you should fire them for someone else. Just like doctors who keep you in the dark about your treatment, when they don’t listen to what you have to say and brush off your concerns and questions, it can be a sign of a distinct lack of respect. Communication with patients is a staple of medical professionalism, and any doctor who neglects it can be a big nuisance, not to mention a serious threat to your health! If your doctor isn’t listening to you, point it out and try to fix it, or go to someone else.

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