Where Are the Best Holiday Homes for Sale in Spain?

Did you know that the Basque country is considered the most expensive region in Spain with the average price of a property being 2,600 euros per square meter?

This area might not be the most suitable for a second home, but with so many different vibrant options, Spain has no shortage of places to own one. Read on below to find the best holiday homes for sale in Spain today!

Costa Da La Luz

Costa Da La Luz lies in the province of Cadiz and is one of the most under-appreciated areas of all of Spain. With a beautiful coastline, relaxed atmosphere, and fairly well-priced properties, living in this gem is for everyone.

A big plus for living in this area is that it doesn’t get as swamped with tourists as other parts of the same coastline but still has that Mediterranean charm. If you like the look of Costa Da La Luz, you should check out this company.

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Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is one of Spain’s most popular coastal regions, so if you enjoy a vibrant, high-paced summer with lots of activities happening, then Costa Blanca is the place for you.

The area is also home to lots of waterfalls, caves, and nature parks. For an active outdoorsy type of person, there are endless hikes to take and coastal nature sights to see.

Costa Blanca is situated close to Valencia. You get a vibrant city with all the amenities you can expect from a big city, and it’s perfect for a day shopping or a fine dining dinner experience.

Holiday Homes For Sale In Spain- Seville

If shopping is your thing, then Seville might be the city that you need a holiday home in. Seville has a wonderful climate that doesn’t get cold at all, and any name-brand shop imaginable is only a short trip away. Most bars and restaurants are within touching distance of central Seville, so spending most of the day out of your apartment is possible.

Seville sits inland in southern Spain but isn’t too far away from the beautiful beaches in Cadiz, where an hour’s drive takes you to them. Seville has the title of Spain’s most bike-friendly city and is one of the most active cities in Spain with many sporting activities taking place all year.

Seville is one of the most culturally diverse cities in all of Spain, and whether you are German, Italian, or English speaking, there is a school for you.

Holiday In Style

No matter where you are in Spain and where you choose your holiday home to be, buying holiday homes for sale in Spain will probably be the smartest choice you can make this year. With countless options and an abundance of different cultures, all meet together, Spain is the place to be this summer.

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