Where Are The Expats Headed?

Expats are an interesting mix of people; they’re brave enough to move to a new country or world in search of something better. A new opportunity with work, a new flame, a new culture or just change. It’s not easy becoming an expat and a majority of expats wind up back at home, the pull of family and familiarity too strong. UK expats find themselves in many different countries and the distance they move from home actually has a pretty big on impact on how long they’re away for.

I stumbled across this infographic (below) the other day and really enjoyed reading about the subtle differences between the UK and some of the most popular expat destinations.

It gives an interesting insight into a host of problems that expats face when they move overs. From figuring out how you can send money abroad to the various reasons why expats find themselves overseas in the first place. It is definitely worth checking out below:

Where Are Our Expats 03.07.14 - V2 (1)

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