Where You Should Consider Investing In 2017

If you’re looking to invest, then you might have a hard time deciding where exactly to invest. It’s a good idea to start with industries you know. If you do that, you can spot the signs of success and the signs of failure. You will know when a business is doing well with consumers and when it’s threatening to alienate them. Knowing that, you can adjust on the fly to news about the industry you can read better. If you don’t have that to lean on, however, then you should look at some of the most promising industries to invest in.

Is real estate coming back?

Investing in property is still making its shaky return and there might still be some trepidation from those feeling the effects of the collapse of the housing bubble. However, for the next year, things are looking good in the world of the property ladders. Despite some initial trepidation that new business models like Airbnb might reduce the investment potential of buy-to-let projects, the rental market is becoming stronger. That’s because home-buying affordability is getting worse for the average American and rental properties are becoming more and more popular still. Mortgage rates, however, are set to be volatile, so changes even to the projected rates of affordability are expected to change throughout the next year.

Is fuel hot again?

As fossil fuel prices dip and dip and are expected to keep dipping again, things look more and more precarious in the world of oil and gas. The US’s most recent executive order lifting regulations that choked the coal trade might see some growth in that industry. But it’s doing nothing for the oil and gas industries that still seem to be circling the drain. However, as you can find more online from OilandEnergyInvestor.com/2014/11/this-energy-stock-has-more-than-doubled-the-sp-500-without-finding-a-drop-of-oil/ on, it looks like certain markets are breaking out. Shale gas and fracking might be the cause of some contention, politically and environmentally at the moment. But with the current administration, the current bets are that they are set to continue growing in the next few years.

Alternative energy is still an alternative

The current administration might not like the idea of pushing for alternative energy sources. In fact, President Trump himself has made out that it’s a bad investment. But that hasn’t stopped many investors and state authorities from continuing to support alternative energy businesses. Not just in the implementation of existing energy sources, but in the research of new ones. Sites like Fool.com/investing/high-growth/2011/03/07/4-companies-with-tomorrows-fuel.aspx give some examples of the businesses pursuing new fueling ideas that could become tomorrow next thing. A bit of caution might be advised in the world of innovation, but if you’re willing to take the risk, these might be some of your best bets.

Tech is always a good idea (always)

Yes, there’s no stopping the continuous march of tech into our lives. Our day-to-day is getting more convenient at a more rapid pace than has ever been seen before. Even two decades ago, some the technologies and the ways they have impacted society might have been borderline unimaginable. For one, when they first arrived, no-one would have thought that video games might have proven to be (and continue to prove to be) one of the most profitable and widely enjoyed forms of mass media today. With new focuses in the gaming world, like eSports, being found as the culture grows more established, there are even more reasons to keep investing in the medium as well. But video games aren’t the only technologies worth continuing to look towards. You can’t talk about breakout technologies in the past year without mentioning the meteoric rise to prominence that virtual reality got. Devices like the Oculus Rift dominated newsfeeds and imaginations for months on end and are still showing more potential. Beyond simple leisure use, virtual reality and its less publicized cousin augmented reality have grown a lot of use in different industries such as health care and even property development. Speaking of a piece of tech that might have looked like a toy but ended up becoming a broadly used tool in the world of business, drones are still expected to be one of the strongest technologies to invest in within the next couple of years. It’s a whole field of devices that is still broadly new and applications are being explored every day. With each new application comes the potential for profit.

Healthcare for seniors

It looks like the public market might once again set to win the battle over health care under the current administration. But beyond the implications of what that means for the broader accessibility to healthcare, let’s look at one of the sectors of that wide world that could prove a particularly lucrative investment in the next decade or two. As the paragraph title hints, we are talking about investing in businesses like home healthcare services for the elderly, accessibility technology and even services like occupational, physical and art therapy geared at older customers. The simple fact is that we’re all living a lot longer so the elderly are set to become a rapidly growing share of the consumer market. The interests of said market will reflect that in time.

The international world

We’re not talking about targeting emergent markets for your investments, though that certainly isn’t a bad idea. Rather, we’re looking at the data presented by sources like Hbr.org/2006/04/localization-the-revolution-in-consumer-markets that show just how international the consumer market is getting nowadays. As the virtual world sinks its claws deeper and deeper into the business environment, it matters less and less where you operate a business from. People have global aspirations no matter how small their business is. If they see a market worth targeting overseas, they will target. One of the best ways to capitalize on that is by investing in the businesses that help them do that. Not just in terms of transport, but in localization, translation, and other international linguistic trades.

Markets are looking to change more than usual with some of the current political upheavals we’re currently seeing in certain industries. But throughout the volatility, the markets named above should remain reliable enough for a sound investment this year.

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