Which Carpet Cleaning Method Is the Best?

5 Ways To Clean Your Carpets

Carpet Cleaning has evolved significantly throughout the years. People are no longer washing their carpets in the usual manner — unless it is absolutely necessary. There are numerous ways for cleaning carpets available today, each with its own set of advantages. Let’s look at which Carpet Cleaning procedure is ideal for every situation.

1. Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is a traditional form of cleaning that uses lots of water and a special detergent. It’s like shampooing the hair – only you’re shampooing the fibers of the carpet. Brushes are used in order to scrub the carpet and eliminate the stain and dirt, using another layer of water afterward to rinse the shampoo.

This carpet cleaning method is highly efficient when you have stubborn stains to deal with and you do not mind the drying time. Also, it won’t leave any sticky shampoo residue behind, which often attracts more dirt.

Close up of steam cleaner cleaning very dirty carpet.

2. Hot Water Extraction

Also referred to as “steam cleaning,” hot water extraction uses a high-pressure wand to apply hot water on the fibers of the carpet. This way, it loosens up the dirt and removes it while “fluffing up” the carpet.
This method is an excellent choice when sensitivity or allergy to detergents is present. It is also a good option to kill bacteria and pests, as they cannot survive the high temperatures of the steam. You can hire the specialists from https://best1cleaning.com for better results. 

Pet owners usually prefer this method when cleaning their carpets, as it prevents fleas – although the drying time may take several hours. With that in mind, it is efficient when it comes to spot cleaning, and can easily kill odor-causing bacteria, which means it can remove even strong odors caused by pet urine.

This method is highly gentle on the fabric as well, making it a good option if you have carpets that need special care. This includes wool carpets, which can shrink or be damaged if washed the wrong way. Although as mentioned this method is good for killing pests, if you have a more serious problem it is always best to contact expert exterminators in illinois or similar in your area who can put together a proper treatment plan for your property to keep your home free of pests longterm. 

3. Dry Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning uses a special powder or a dry cleaning formula, along with very small quantities of water. Used together with a rotating brush, the powder is pushed into the fiber while the dirt and debris are pushed out. A special vacuum tool is used to extract the dirt and remaining detergent.

Dry cleaning is the best option for busy areas where drying time is a big issue. This includes offices or homes with children that can’t stay still enough for the carpet to dry. Ventilation is necessary with this method, and the powder formula might not make it such a good choice for someone with allergies. That being said, dry cleaning does not take much operator training. This means that homeowners can rent the system or buy the unit themselves, cleaning their carpets on their own time.

4. Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a method that uses a machine with a sort of thick tower (i.e., bonnet) over its front. The bonnet will rub carpet cleaning shampoo over the surface, cleaning through the top fibers and then extracting the debris.
Bonnet cleaning is a good option for those who need a quick cleaning job. It’s affordable as well, making it the best alternative for people who want their carpets looking better for an occasion, without blowing through their budget. It’s also a good option for touch-ups, in situations where the carpets are regularly cleaned.

The disadvantage of this method is that while it is a quick option, it only cleans the surface of the carpet – which is not very convenient if what you need is deep cleaning. Also, it might not be a good option for DIY enthusiasts, as improper operation of the cleaning unit may cause swirls or fuzz marks.

5. Encapsulation Cleaning

Encapsulation, also referred to as “foam cleaning carpeting” is a mix between steam cleaning and dry cleaning. A special foam is applied over the surface, where it will begin to bubble and then bring out the dirt from the surface. An extraction (vacuum) tool will also be used to extract the dirt and remaining shampoo from the carpet.

While encapsulation does not go as deep as shampooing, it still goes deep enough to tackle any stubborn stains. This makes it a very good option for carpets that are particularly dirty, without having to wait hours for the carpet to fully dry. It also uses less detergent, which is eventually extracted, leaving very little residue behind. This makes the method a good option for those with a sensitivity to detergents.

The Bottom Line

In the end, there is no “overall best” cleaning method – just the best for a specific purpose. Some may say the best method is the dry cleaning one, as it dries faster. Others prefer steam cleaning, as it goes deeper into the fabric. In the end, the best method is the one that fits your needs the most.

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