Which sofa should I choose?

At the end of a long wintry day, all you want to do is kick off your boots and snuggle up on the couch. If those TV sessions and movie marathons have taken their toll on your sofa, it’s time to invest in a new one. Below, we’ll show you how to choose the perfect sofa for you.

I have… expensive taste!

If you appreciate true authenticity, you’ll need a classic sofa to match. A plush deep-buttoned, leather Chesterfield sofa is perhaps one of the most recognisable types of couch. Dating back over 300 years, the sofa has become a true statement of style, class and sophistication.

Fitting in perfectly with both traditional and more modern décor, this sofa is an absolute must-have. Specialist crafters like the Original Sofa Company are able to tailor your Chesterfield sofa to your exact requirements, creating a truly unique, authentic piece that will stand out in any home.


I have… limited space

When it comes to smaller lounges, three-piece suites are often not an option as a result of the limited space on offer. Maximising the space that you do have is crucial, so choose a corner sofa. Neatly maximising often overlooked areas of your room, you’ll have more seats, which can be a lifesaver once your guests arrive.

I have… kids

Kids and sofas can be a nightmare if you make the wrong choices. If you have little ones, avoid light coloured fabrics at all costs! Fabric sofas are more difficult to clean than their leather alternatives, so proceed with caution if sticky handprints and spilt drinks are common in your home.

A leather sofa is often the best option for families, as any dirt or spillages can easily be cleaned away. To make your couch more homely, purchase some cushions and throws.


I have… to lounge

A tiny two-seater simply won’t cut it for the TV lounger. You know the type — they can’t sit on the sofa without kicking their legs up and stretching out.

If this is you or anyone else in the family, you’ll need a sofa that can recline. La-Z-Boy sofas are a popular choice and some models even offer electric reclining to help make taking the weight off even easier.

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