Why an Alps Mountain Bike Vacation Is Perfect for Youngsters

It is no longer the case that a trip to a mountain range like the Alps is only for skiing. Indeed, there are now tons of exciting things to do here that have nothing at all to do with getting on to the pistes, with many of them highly appealing to younger travellers.

One thrilling activity to look out for in this part of the world is mountain biking in the Alps. Looking at mountain biking holidays here opens up a huge new world of adventure and sports for fun lovers on a trip to the Alps.


The Basics

To many people, the Alps still mean weaving down snowy slopes, but this is now just a small part of the overall travel experience to be found here. Among other adventurous sports that are popular here these days you will find hiking, white water rafting, rock climbing and mountain biking.

The natural beauty of the Alps means that all of these sports can be enjoyed in a wonderful setting that adds immensely to the pleasure. Add in the top class accommodation options and the wealth of restaurants to be found here and it is clear that this is a destination that is perfectly set up for a quality trip.

Many of the top resorts here offer a variety of other activities to go with their traditional skiing breaks. These include amazing places like Tignes, Les Gets and Morzine, where a brilliant time is all but guaranteed.

The Mountain Biking Option

When looking through the long list of possible activities in the Alps, the chance to head out on a mountain bike for some real adventures is too good to overlook. There are some incredible mountain biking trails around here to choose from.

You can take your pick from high-octane downhill tracks that will leave you breathless or from gentler routes that give you the chance to relax and soak up the beautiful scenery in a unique way. Either way, you will have a tremendous amount of fun exploring this famous mountainous region by bike.

Of course, the best tour operators will allow you to hire top quality bikes and will arrange guided tours for you if you like. Basically, it is incredibly easy to get the exact kind of biking holiday in the Alps that your heart desires.



Great for Youngsters

The previous points all add up to mean that this is a fantastic type of holiday for an adventure-loving youngster who wants to see more of the world while having a lot of fun. If you want an active sort of break rather than sitting on the beach or going to a theme park then the Alps provides a perfect backdrop for this.

The wide variety of different biking trails here helps to make it a suitable destination for all kinds of youngster. Whether it is someone who is highly experienced on a mountain bike or a young person who is still getting to grips with the sport, there are trails where they can feel comfortable and stay safe.


Ideal for Families, Groups and Solo Trips

Another interesting factor to bear in mind is that a mountain biking trip to the Alps is a versatile kind of break that can suit any kind of group or solo break. For a start, many families decide to head out here with their kids for an enjoyable break.

In these cases, going mountain biking is an excellent option. This kind of activity allows the whole group to stay together and do something that everything is likely to enjoy, before heading back to their cosy chalet for some more quality time together.

This is also a fine idea for groups of young friends looking to get away on a break together. For example, a bunch of teenagers going on their first foreign break together could have a lot of fun doing something like this instead of hitting a traditional beach resort.

Finally in this respect, going on a biking holiday in the Alps is also a really good move for taking a solo trip. You could enjoy the breath-taking majesty of the mountains alone or in a tour group before enjoying the resort’s facilities in the evening.


Top Class Resorts

It is worth mentioning as well that a trip like this doesn’t have to mean roughing it in a tent on a camping site or staying in a crowded hostel. As the Alps region is such a wildly popular tourist destination it has all of the different types of quality accommodation that you would expect.

The traditional ski chalets on offer here are always among the most popular types of accommodation among all age groups, as you get amazing food and a snug, homely place to stay. However, other options worth considering include hotels and self-catering apartments.

The resorts also usually have a fantastic array of restaurants and cafes that cater for all tastes. Whether the traveller is young or old they are likely to find something tasty that tempts them.

Of course, one thing that the younger tourists might be more interested in is the resort nightlife. Those who are old enough to enjoy a drink and a bit of dancing will have a huge amount of fun in the liveliest resorts.

An Easy Holiday

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons of all for going to the Alps with youngsters is that it is such an easy holiday to take. The fact that it has been such a popular tourist destination for so long means that all of the facilities for a comfortable stay are in place here.

After an exciting day of heading out to the mountains on the bike it is reassuring to head back to a classy resort and enjoy a relaxing evening in comfort. Of course, while that is such a nice bonus for some visitors, it is pretty much essential for anyone looking to enjoy a trip with youngsters.

There is no longer any reason to think that the Alps is just for older visitors, just as it is no longer all about skiing either.




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