Why an Apple Watch can prove a surprisingly useful travel buddy

There are some things that you just simply wouldn’t leave the house without; phone, wallet, keys. Similarly, there are some things that you wouldn’t head off travelling without; phone, passport, credit card, travel insurance etc. Nowadays, the smartphone is pretty much man’s best friend – we simply wouldn’t be without it, particularly generation Z. An Apple Watch is essentially a smartphone strapped to your wrist, and can prove to be a pretty useful travel buddy.

Why travel with an Apple Watch

An Apple Watch is one of the easiest ways to send texts whilst on the move and it also allows you to keep up-to-date with real-time flight alerts whilst navigating airports and train stations with your many heavy bags. Plus, navigating those terminals is sure to build up a sweat, so if you’re into fitness, this savvy travel buddy will tell you just how many steps you’ve racked up travelling to and from hotels and airports.

Moreover, if you have Apple Pay, you can pay directly with your watch. It’s ever so simple and far more secure than using a credit card. You can also charter an Uber or cap directly from your watch and will never have to stop to put all of your bags down – it’s hands-free! Your travels will be far easier with this attached to your wrist.

How to travel with an Apple Watch

Ideally, the best bands to pair with your Apple Watch while travelling are from the brand’s Woven Nylon Collection. This material is tough and durable enough to hold up during even the most strenuous of activities. The straps also come in multiple colours so they can be paired with any outfit, regardless of dress-code – you’re sure to look smart.

Best apps to download

Before you even pack, it’s wise to check the weather as this while help you to know exactly what to put into your case and help you be better equipped. An app called “Dark Sky” will allow you to effortlessly view the upcoming forecast of any location so you’re able to prepare as best you can. A currency converter can also prove useful – look no further than “XE Currency”, this app works fast in allowing you to convert currency as it offers live exchange rates and charts. You can also create an XE rate alert so you can get the best prices.

As well as staying up to date with the currency of your upcoming destination, you’re likely to want to know details related to your flight. “App in the Air” will work as your flying assistant and ensure that you stayed with flight profile, real-time flight status and even airport navigation maps and airport tips to make your departure as seamless as possible. You can also use Apple Maps to find nearby eateries, hotels and bars so you’re not wandering around unfamiliar surroundings all night! Whether it’s bars in Paris, restaurants in Rome or hotels in Shepherds Bush, you’ll be well covered.

A convertor, smartphone, translator, map, plus lots more – an Apple Watch is the ultimate travel companion.

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