Why are we waiting?!

If you’re one of life’s impatient people, hanging around at the airport, waiting for your flight is a long and drawn out process, full of boring moments, and frustration. I’m one of those people, I don’t like waiting at the best of times, and throw in a delay, well, I’m tapping my foot!

Unfortunately, wait we must, because unlike many methods of transport, a flight can’t just take off when it feels like it. The positive news is that there are things we can do to reduce the boredom, and try and take the stress and frustration out of waiting.


One of those methods is to not arrive at the airport too early. Now by that, I’m not suggesting you rock up with minutes to spare, but if you’ve ever had to catch an airport coach, you’ll probably have noticed that you’re often there very early, and you’re hanging around waiting for check-in to open. To cut that out, I now drive myself to the airport, book airport parking from Airparks, and that way I can arrive with enough time to spare, but without having to wait around too much. I can also stop whenever I want en-route, and make my journey as enjoyable as I like.

Most large airports have parking facilities, with extensive services available at the larger airports, such as my regular one of Stansted parking. Check out what’s available at your airport, because believe me, arriving with a sensible amount of time to spare is preferable to sitting and waiting for check-in, before the serious waiting even starts.

Once you’re checked-in and through security, the key is to stay occupied, and whether that’s through perusing duty free, having a few drinks in the bar, enjoying a meal in an airport restaurant, reading a book, playing games on your iPad, or chatting away to whoever you’re travelling with – just keep occupied! Time will go much faster if you don’t focus on the waiting. It’s almost like being in limbo, and the key is not to concentrate on it.


Having said that, remember to keep an eye on the screens and head off to your departure gate as soon as it flashes up with your number.

A good suggestion could be to book an airport lounge. This is a segregated area, with admittance only to those who have pre-booked it, and refreshments and snacks are included. If you’re not into the idea of sitting in a busy departure area, then a comfortable couple of hours pre-booked could be for you. Do your research if this sounds like your bag.

Why are we waiting? Well, waiting is a means to an end where holidays are concerned, but once limbo passes, the fun stuff can start.


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