Why Consider A Firefighting Career

The emergency fire services are some of the most important in our society. We all live with a hundred fire risks in our home, on the road, in our workplaces. We need experts to stay on top of those. But besides the romanticized images of bravely charging into danger, why would you consider working in the fire services?

Change your life and challenge yourself

Too many people make the mistake of looking solely at the world of business to find a fulfilling career. The truth is that there are plenty of people who just don’t want to compete in that world. It’s not them. If you want to look for a life that isn’t about climbing up a corporate structure and beating rivals, then becoming a firefighter can be the career change that changes your life.

Learning vital skills

Operating a fire hose and sliding down a pole isn’t all that being a firefighter entails. You’re going to learn the skills of navigating the road in specialized vehicles and using strobe LED lights and sirens to respond as quickly and safely as possible. You’re also going to learn the use of emergency first aid on the field and the ins-and-outs of fire prevention. Simply put, if you want to become a more truly competent person, then the fire services, state or voluntary, could help you learn some skills that truly make a difference.

Stay as fit as a fiddle

You need to be in good physical health to become a firefighter. There’s no mistaking that. If you can’t make the cut, you won’t get the job. As the career prioritizes that physical fitness so much, the job can serve as the inspiration to make sure that you keep staying fit, as well. Your personal protection gear can weigh around 53lbs on its own. When you think of the equipment you’ll have to carry in your duties as well, that weight can go beyond 100lbs or even 150lbs. If you like a physical challenge, then the fire services can definitely be the place for you.

You know the importance of all the services involved

Being a firefighter isn’t all about fighting fire. In fact, in some careers, dealing with genuine fire emergencies can happen as little as every five years. But that’s not all that’s involved in the career. More often, you might be asked to help with emergency medical response, helping people in accidents, and even providing important fire safety information especially during campaigns like Fire Prevention Week. Those services are as important as quelling a vicious blaze and if you know that then the fire services need you.

If you want to become a firefighter for the wages, for the benefits, for the schedule or even to fight fire all the time, you should think about a different career. You need to be dedicated to the service, all of it. If you can promise that, then you can get a career that truly feels like an essential part of your life and the lives around you.

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