Why you should consider travelling by train

Train travel can have a bit of a bad rap in the travel world and a lot people don’t even consider it as an option on their holiday.  However taking a train over other modes of transport offers a lot more relaxation and comfort then you may think. Here are some top reasons to consider train travel for your next trip.


The scenery

Train travel will offer scenery like no other mode of transport can. Yes you may be down on the ground whilst driving, but if you are the driver then you miss out on everything around you. When taking the train you watch the rolling landscapes go by, all from the comfort of your seat.

It can save you time

Whilst flying is a lot quicker train travel can actually save you time depending on the route and time of day you travel. The famous London to Paris route is only a couple of hours more then a flight but once you take into consideration the time it takes getting out to the airport, the extra time you need for check in and security and then travelling from the airport once you arrive, it’s actually quicker to travel by train from city to city. As well if you take a train overnight then you can simply get on board, sleep on the train and then arrive at your destination the next morning.


They are reliable

Often weather or mechanical difficulties can get in the way of your travel plans when taking a flight. Whilst yes trains can have their problems, they very rarely get delayed from weather issues and even mechanical ones for that matter. So if you want to take a more reliable mode of transport, a train is one of your safest bets.

They are relaxing

If you are travelling by plane you often have the stress of sitting in traffic to get to an airport located way out of the city, dealing with long queues and wait times at the airport, eating bad airport food to only be cramped up in a small confined space. Train travel is often from city centre to city centre and you don’t need the extensive security checks you have at the airports. This makes the journey far more pleasant and relaxing. As well you have room to move once on the train. Driving doesn’t offer too much more relaxation either if you have to sit in traffic or learn a new side of the road to drive on.

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