Work From Home? Focus!

One of the hardest parts of working from home is controlling the constant temptation to be sidetracked. When you don’t work from an office designed to stave off distractions, your mind is much more likely to meander. However, a lot of distractions can be remedied if you identify key ones.


Mobile Phones

The main distraction is mobile phones. They play a key part in our communication and daily lives but they are also a main excuse for procrastination. You would do well to set work hours for yourself, and don’t answer your phone or use it unless for urgent matters or when you are on a break. Many people also find that when they use their mobile during work hours, the combination of the computer screen and the screen of the phone means they suffer from headaches and can lead to lack of work being done because of this. If headaches occur often and are painful, though, it could be wise to go to Safford Arizona eye doctors or other professionals.

People at the Door

Friends and family have a way of unpredictably showing up on your doorstep and acting as though you should ask them in. Don’t answer the door, and if you need to, close the blinds and act as though you aren’t home – because you aren’t home, essentially you’re at work. If people complain, tell them that you are working and need to treat the time as working hours appropriately.


Instead of answering your emails on an hourly basis, you could set alarms every three to four hours to check your inbox. When checking emails constantly, this eats up your working time and can lead to lack of work being completed. It is also probable that the emails you would have answered on an hourly basis didn’t need to be answered immediately, anyway.

Where You Live

When you live with others, it can be hard to manage work and deal with house or family issues at the same time. Explain to whoever you live with that when you are working, you should not be disturbed. Ask them to be patient when they try to converse with you or if they need your help in doing something. If your household is particularly busy, you could wear headphones, go to the quietest part of the house or even lock the door of the room you are in.


This type of distraction is one that you can only make for yourself. A simple way to deal with reminders, lists and urgent tasks that tend to pop into your head when working is to keep a list away from your work space where you write them down and then deal with them when your working hours are over.

More and more of us are working from home, and it can be a difficult transition when you might be used to working in an office. However, working from home is no different to being at the office. Your home is now where you work, so take the time to make it a place where you can work at your best and without distractions.

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