Would should you choose Amazon over your favourite supermarket?

The online world has virtually taken over our everyday lives. From dating, to studying, to becoming famous in our very own YouTube channels, there has never been a better time to switch to an all-digital lifestyle. Amazon.co.uk has now made it possible to make grocery shopping, one of life’s most understated events, into an online activity.

Why would you change Sainsbury’s for Amazon?

If you find grocery shopping as fastidious as some of us do, you would probably understand.

Amazon offers everything you could possibly think of, including groceries, at competitive prices, and with the most interesting shopping tools.

Here are 4 good reasons why you may end up switching to digital grocery shopping:


1. No cues. Amazon.co.uk will deliver to your home any grocery option, from fresh produce, to boxed items. No carrying bags or calling for a taxi to take you home. Most urban areas are available for shipping. BEST PART: Take your time, look around, and choose what you really want.

2. Multiple payment options. Suppose that the only financial access account that you have going for you is PayPal. Well, Amazon will take it! You do not have to get cash money, or wonder which credit card you will take to the market.

BEST PART: You can pay with a lot of options, and even split your purchase into different invoices in case you need to use different money sources to pay. This would be tedious to do in person. You can do it, however, privately and online using Amazon.


3. Those DASH buttons. The launch of DASH buttons in the UK has caused a massive stir. For just a few pounds, you can get this digital mini gadget that gets programmed with your mobile to deliver exactly what you want at the push of a button.

You can sign up, pair your mobile, and then see what options you get. You stick your DASH button to your refrigerator, office cabinet, or wherever. You can get DASH buttons from everything, from Doritos, to bottled water, to wrinkle cream.

Once your product is over, push the DASH button that corresponds to that product. A green light will come up, which means that the Bluetooth in your mobile phone recognized the request for an order of the product. The order goes straight to Amazon, and you get the product delivered to you in 48 hours.

BEST PART It is the closest thing to magic you will ever witness.

4. Zero impulse shopping. When you have plenty of time to look, and you are not in a rush, you will make better shopping choices buying from your own home. Even if you go mental shopping for things, once you hit the checkout, you will have a chance to modify your cart. You cannot do that in person without making someone quite upset. This is a plus.

There is also the chance that you’ll find the staff playing grocery store bingo if you visit in store.

Here are just a few reason why you may end up switching to digital grocery shopping. These reasons make a lot of sense. Perhaps, you will start seeing less people over shopping, and more people consciously making the right grocery choices for them, stress-free, and from the privacy of their own flats.

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