Your Best Options After Graduating From University

So you’ve finished your final exams and got your results back, and now you’ve been thrust into the big bad world of being a graduate! It may seem a pretty intimidating world, with so many options to be considered and decisions to be made. While your university or college can help, it is down to your decision in the end. Here are the primary paths that most people look at:



Volunteering can be an excellent way to embrace new experiences and see more of the world, while working. If you know the career path you want then you could find volunteering opportunities in those fields. For example, if you want to work with animals and wildlife, there are plenty of schemes at home in rescue centres and abroad in sanctuaries. Volunteering can be a great way of helping others and work for something you feel strongly about, before taking on too many responsibilities and ties.


Gap years are a popular and fun way of exploring and broadening your horizons. After years of studying hard, you may want a break and some time off before starting on the career ladder. Whether you want to work as you travel, or have the funding to just enjoy the sights, then there are plenty of possibilities. Most people will need to work, and there are part time jobs you can pick up in most cities. But if you want to join a particular placement you may need to sign up for these a couple of months in advance. Like anything, do the research and make sure you are well prepared before setting off.



Many people will choose to delve straight into the working life as soon as university is over. You will have lots of students loans to pay back, and it may be difficult to adjust to living without being a student. There are different options for you, though. Some degrees help you to get onto work placements if there is a specific career you wanted. Placements can offer you a graduate job so you can earn rather than taking on an unpaid internship.

Alternatively, if the career you want it self-employed, such as starting your own business or as a freelancer, then you may need to get a part time job to go alongside this. Make sure you get one that will earn enough to cover your bills but allow you enough time to focus on your future career. Expect to work long hours if this is the path you want, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Carry On With Education

Rather than leaving education after university, some people decide to carry on with their education and continue with PhDs and Masters. If there is a specific field or science that you are interested in, then these will allow you to increase your knowledge and to become an expert in the subject. This is very helpful further on when you do progress to getting a job, allowing to climb the ladder a lot faster than less-educated colleagues. Another great option is to study online msn nurse practitioner which can give you edge to others who were in the same field as you. And since the need for a nurse practitioner as of today increases, they can enjoy increased job security and a high salary.


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