Your Business Is Under Threat, Are You Prepared?

This year, thousands of people will try their luck at opening a new business. After all, many of us are eager to seize the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. But at the same time many will underestimate the risk that comes with this decision. We are living in a new age of fear. That term might sound sexed up but it’s true. If you look at the state of the world right now, you will see many people are constantly scared of having their information stolen. Or, an intrusion into their privacy. A privacy that they believe they have a right too. It doesn’t just stop at the world of individuals either. Businesses are under threat as well. As soon as your business enters the market, it could become the next target for a criminal. Either a hacker or a thief. That’s why you do need to make sure your company is protected from day one.

There are a few different types of security that you will have to look into. But let’s start at the beginning. It’s time to buy your business premises. What security features should you be thinking about?


Buying The Right Property

Before you even think about security features, you need to think about the property itself. In particular, you should consider the location. It might seem like a smart move to buy an office premises in the middle of nowhere. After all, the land will be cheap, there will be less traffic and you’ll have room to expand. But this possibility comes with one major setback included. Buying a secluded location does mean that your business will be vulnerable. If there’re no other businesses for miles, who is going to see a break in? That’s why it’s worth looking into buying offices in an already established business park. Or, even in the middle of the city.

Then you need to think about the look of the building and the property. If the building looks old fashioned and worse for wear, you’re going to have to problems. The first isn’t related to security. A property like this will make it difficult to attract new clients. But as well as that, it makes it look like an easy break in. If this is the case, you might find that you’re facing serious security threats strikingly often.

Once you’ve found a building that looks modern and isn’t secluded, think about security features. Ideally, these should already be established and a part of the building. But if you love the property, and you’re getting a good price you can add them later.


CCTV is an absolute must. Without CCTV, you’re going to struggle to keep a watchful eye on your business. There are plenty of businesses selling the best CCTV like Mammoth Surveillance Camera Systems. But you do have to be careful with CCTV. It’s illegal to set up cameras if they record someone else’s property in certain states. You may want to check out local rules and regulations to ensure you stay above the board.

You should make sure that the exterior of the building is properly lit. Again, a dark building could attract the wrong people. Particularly, if they think there are blindspots in your security. Lighting can be installed after you have bought the business property but this is expensive.

Physical forms of security are also important. For instance, if you have a car park you should have metal fencing. The cars should not be left out in the open, even if you think it’s a safe area. This is asking for trouble, particularly at night. Unsecured car parks are popular places for youths to hang out or for young adults to conduct illicit activities.

You can consider hiring security guards for your office property. It’s worth thinking about if valuable or vulnerable information is stored in the office overnight. But, guards may be an expense that your business can’t afford. If that’s the case, it’s probably best to look for a security outsourcing possibility.

Remember, you must do everything you can to set up your business as a deterrent. It’s in your best interest to ensure that no one even attempts to break into your office. Of course, evidence suggests that if there is a crime against your business, it’s not going to be a break in. These days, it could be a hack.


Setting Up Cyber Security

There are numerous advantages to the increased connectivity of businesses in this decade. But it has left some companies that have not taken security seriously vulnerable. In particular, hackers are having a field day with business owners who have not bothered to invest in cyber security. They think that their business is safe. Either because they are not well known outside their target customer group. Or because they are an insignificant target. But no matter how big or small your business is it could be targeted by a hacker. They might set out to steal important business files from your clients. Or they could be looking for a way into your company accounts. Either way, it’s a danger you can not overlook.

The best form of cyber security is an IT support team. They can monitor your networks and ensure that there are no breaches of your security. If there is a violation, they should be able to close it before any damage is done. Or at the very least notify you of a problem. This is an important issue for businesses. An attack could occur without you realising. If this happens the first you will hear of it is a complaint from one of your customers.


You might also want to look into cloud technology. Cloud tech has received a bad reputation in the media. But it’s still the securest form of digital file storage on the market right now. If you want to keep your business information safe, cloud technology might be the answer.

We hope you see now how important security is for your business. If you want your company to have a future it’s vital you take this threat seriously.



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