Your Employees Matter: Personal Problems Employees Come Across And How You Can Help Them As Their Employer

Taking care of employees is good business as companies that care for their employees have lower rates of turnover. Employee turnover can be a killer on the budget as in some jobs there are weeks before a person is well enough trained to become profitable for the company. Creating a sense of family among the employees also helps in communication as well as workflow. Working for something like the team versus working for the bottom line of a corporation that does care about the employee personally will yield very different results. Employees will go above and beyond for a company or even a manager that has treated them like a person rather than a employee ID number.

Going Through A Divorce

The worst thing that a person can go through is that of a divorce as it is completely devastating to both parties. The change in lifestyle can be hard enough with less expendable income and possibly having to move. Mark Rees, a marriage dissolution attorney in Jonesboro states on his law firms’ website “In the state of Arkansas, a divorce cannot be finalized until one side or both have demonstrated that there is a justifiable reason or “fault” for terminating a divorce. As you can imagine, this further complicates the divorce process as neither party would want to be the reason for the marital dissolution. This is especially true when the two spouses who are seeking a dissolution of marriage have children.” Remember that great marriages do not end in divorce which you can take comfort in. Do not live a life that you hate on account of an abusive or neglectful spouse and change your life today!

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Substance Abuse Problems

Substance abuse can be rampant in an office especially if they embrace the party hard culture that many young professionals adopt throughout their 20’s. The trouble with substance abuse is that people start noticing often times when the person is already in a deep state of addiction. For no reason should an employee come into work under the influence and they should be written up for doing so. Requiring them to attend meetings or take random drug tests to keep their job is one option. Simply firing the person and moving on is an option but a person that fought through substance abuse with the help of the company is sure to stay long term. With all of that being said there are some people that cannot be helped so termination is the only option. The last thing you want to do is lose a big time client on account of a person showing up to a meeting or taking a call drunk or high.

Financial Hardships

Financial hardships are some of the main reasons that people resort to divorce which is mentioned above. This could be due to a variety of areas including bad money habits, credit card debt accrued when younger, medical expenses, or loss of a job. Financial education is important to teach employees as staff worrying about making rent are far less productive than those that do not have these stresses. You cannot pay someone more simply because they are bad with their money. The education can allow them to make more informed financial decisions going forward which is all you can do for your employees.

Confidence Shaken After Being Passed Up For Promotion

Being passed up for a promotion that an employee was sure they were going to receive can hurt their confidence immensely. They could feel like they are not as proficient at their job as they thought and with people identifying so closely with their career it can shake them to their core. Sit down with this employee as you do not want them forming a negative attitude about the company or having their production drop off. This can be viewed from various angles as being passed up for a promotion hitting a person so hard shows they care for their job. It can also be seen as a lack of maturity as they didn’t get what they wanted so they decide to pout.

Employee Upset Due To Their Friend Being Fired Or Laid Off

When creating an environment that fosters great relationships between the company as well as among employees a company needs to understand people will be upset if their friend is fired. As long as this does not turn into negative talk from the employee they have a right to be upset. Most people get over these types of situations after a few days especially if a new hire starts doing a far better job than the fired employee. Meet with the employee to talk with them about how they feel, be prepared with production number of the former employee. Often times an employee might think another is doing a great job when this is far from the truth. Most people are not going to advertise how much they are struggling at their current role.

Employees are people so treat them as individuals instead of a collective entity. Take care of your employees and they will take care of the company!

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