You’ve Bought a Home: What to Pay for Next?

Everyone knows that buying a house costs a lot of money. Unfortunately, the costs of owning a home don’t end when you get the keys. Many people will try to buy a property that needs as little work done to it as possible. However, it’s unlikely you’ve managed to buy a home that matches your standards exactly. The only way to do that is to build a property from scratch. There’s usually something you want to correct, whether it’s ugly wallpaper or an entire kitchen. It’s essential to consider these expenses when you buy a new house. Aside from the usual things, like tax and insurance, what else might you need to pay for after moving in?



How well protected is your home from the elements? Many properties need updating so that they can withstand the weather. One of the costs you might face is carrying out various weatherproofing tasks. They won’t necessarily be essential things. Which is why the previous owners didn’t do them. But you could prefer to make your home more secure, whether you need to protect it from flooding or storms. One of the things you might need to do is look into basement waterproofing. A basement might not have been properly waterproofed if it was only used for storage. There might be other weatherproofing tasks to carry out, such as installing storm shutters.

Decorating and Furniture

Of course, you’re going to want to make your new home your own. You might already have furniture and decorative items from your previous property. However, there is no guarantee that any of the things you own now will look or feel right in your new home. You could be looking at replacing a lot of your furniture. It’s a good idea to decide if you have a specific vision for the property. For some people, they will let their current furniture dictate the direction they take. As well as new furniture, you could also be buying paint, wallpaper, and other things for decorating.



You might be lucky and get a yard that’s exactly how you want it. However, most people will probably need to do some work to get their desired look. Perhaps the previous owners even took some of the plants that were there with them. You could have a lot of work to do to get the look you want, and it may involve several expenses. You might pay a professional to do it all but even if you don’t, you’ll have a few costs. They could range from new turf to lay down to plants, outdoor furniture, and lighting.

Maintenance and Repairs

One of the important costs of owning a home is maintenance and repairs. You can usually plan for various maintenance tasks, which could be anything from cleaning the pool to replacing AC filters. However, repairs can come up unexpectedly, so it’s a bit more difficult to be prepared. Working out how much your home will cost to maintain is a good idea. Before making a final decision on a purchase, write down everything that you will need to do to keep the property in good condition. Think about how often you will have to do each task too, and how much it will cost. When it comes to repairs, the best thing to do is ensure you have insurance and an emergency fund.


New Fitted Kitchen or Bathroom

A new kitchen or bathroom is a common cost for people who buy a new home. You may have made sure you picked a property with a kitchen or bathrooms that you really love. However, sometimes you need to compromise so that you can get other things right. It’s often easier to ignore an ugly kitchen or bathroom. They aren’t that difficult to replace. You will have to factor the cost into your budget, though. If you really don’t like the room, you won’t want to have to put up with it for too long. So you probably don’t want to spend a long time saving up to have it refitted.


If you’re planning to stay put in your new home forever, you might not be thinking about its value too much. But if you want to sell it eventually, you’re going to want to at least not lose any money. Ideally, you could make a profit on what you bought the house for. Putting in a new kitchen or bathroom can certainly raise the value of your home. However, there are other things you can do to improve it. Consider extending the living space, for example.

Remember that there are many things you might have to pay for after buying a home. Just because you’re a homeowner, it doesn’t mean you can reduce your expenses.


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