Experience Okinawa in 2020 today

Asia is one of the most picturesque locations in the world. The abundance of tropical rainforests, wildlife sanctuaries and population of diverse cultural ethnicities fascinates a great number of travelers. Japan is one such country in the continent where you get to see a confluence of all.

Souvenirs from Okinawa

Why head to Japan?

Japan is considered as one of the friendliest countries in the world. The lip-smacking cuisine and politeness of its citizens is what will really impress you. Head to the Okinawa Island to catch a glimpse of the life and breath of Japan.

You can relax amidst the serene nature or venture out to shop in the local markets. There is a lot to do in Okinawa. No matter which part of the world you are staying in, it is accessible via a flight from Singapore. Just board a Singapore to Okinawa flight and explore the intriguing vibrancy this island region has to offer you.

Things to do in Okinawa

Dive and Witness the Coral Reefs

Diving is one of the must do activities in Okinawa. The pristine clear waters around Okinawa will let you enjoy the magnificent aquatic life of the region. Divers from around the world come here to watch the beautiful coral reefs and experience the serenity.

Lodge yourself at one of the diving spots and immerse in the clear waters. You can also go snorkeling if you wish to. Kume Island is a popular diving spot of Okinawa.

Explore the local cuisine

If you like adventuring with new cuisine, the traditional cuisine of this island is something you should try. The history of Okinawa cuisine dates to the 14th century and is one of the reasons why people stay healthy.

Some must try exquisite dishes are Okinawa Soba (traditional soup), Champuru and Tuna Fish. You can also try the indigenous wine called Awamori. It is known for its intense flavor and majestic aroma.

Watch the Whales

Whale watching is a fun activity to do on this island of Japan. Every year from January to March, the ocean is filled with hundreds of whales. You can take boats from Kerama Island and set on a tour to see how the whales spend their time in the ocean. 

The humpback whales that you get to see here are up to 15 meters long. Catch a glimpse of them making quick splashes and having some fun with their friends.

Learn the secrets of their long life

The first thing that you should do when you meet a local is to ask them the answer to how do they live so long. You would be surprised to know that Okinawa is considered as the longest living people in the world.

The incidence of heart diseases, dementia, cancer and other ailments is minimum in Okinawa. The secret lies in having a generous and stress-free attitude. People here are active and love to engage with each other. The love and affection of the people will elevate you.

Okinawa is one of those places where you get to experience the tranquility of life. The connect that the local people have with nature just makes you grow fond of this Japanese island.