How To Build An Affordable Home Gym

Tired of shilling out every month for a commercial gym? If Yes, then it may be time to build your own gym at home. All you really need is space and a bit of imagination.

Building a home gym can save you both time and money, no more monthly bill or waiting in line for your favourite rowing machine, shower etc.

Use whatever available space you have in your home, even it means you have to clear out the dreaded guest bedroom. Whether you are using the spare room, basement or garage make sure it is away from the rest of the house so you can work out in peace away from unwanted distractions.


The best thing about creating a gym at home is you can make it personal. So if it is yoga you want you can lay out your mat and play the calming music you want. Or if it is weight lifting you want to do you can again set up your bench and other equipment in a way that will suit you and make your workout a smoother more productive process.

Before you start filling your space with equipment you need to think about the flooring. Go for commercial grade foam flooring that will last you years and is reasonably priced. This will protect the floor in your house from any damage and your equipment from wear and tear.

Now that you have your space picked out and set up you need to fill it with essential equipment. This can be expensive if you let it. Start with relatively inexpensive items like a skipping rope, medicine ball, kettle bell and dumbbells. Search the web for free video tutorials and start with equipment less exercises.


Now for the bigger and heavier items search eBay  or Gumtree for deals on these. Be smart and look for ones in new and good condition. Don’t stress over the delivery you can get cheap quotes on delivery comparison websites like Shiply. Be aware that items like a bike or cross trainer will be sufficiently cheaper than treadmills.  If you plan on doing a lot of weights you will also need a high-quality adjustable bench.

Get the atmosphere right to maximize your mood and productivity. Make sure you set up a stereo system or television so you can pump some tunes while working out.

Make sure you have appropriate gym wear even if you are working out at home. When you look the part you will feel the part. All that’s left is to get moving.