How to Get Perfect Nails In No Time


So you don’t have time to give yourself a manicure every morning. And you’re too busy to step into the nail salon every week. So what do you do? Do you just put up with the chipped and faded manicure you got 3 weeks ago until you’ve got a gap in your schedule? Keep your hands in your pocket and hope nobody notices? Or are you ready for what’s behind door number 3.

If you are juggling kids, a social life, career, school or all the above then you really need to embrace the Press on Nail Situation. Press on nails let you up your nail game in minutes keeping you out of the salon and/or out of the bathroom messing with nail polishes. Here’s how you need to apply press on nails so you get the best-looking nails every time.

Give Your Nails Some Love

All you need to do to prepare for your press on nails is gently file your nails, buff them, remove your nail polish, and wash your hands. You can also push back your cuticles if necessary. This is a short task that should take around five minutes but it gives you a great base for an Easy Gel Manicure with press on gel nails.

Clean Your Nails

Make sure your nails and hands are completely dry before you start applying the nails. Use an alcohol swab to sweep over the nails and further dry them so you have the perfect base.

Choose Your Perfect Size

Pick the right size from the pack for your fingers. You will need to size each nail before you start pressing them on. It is important to get the right size otherwise you can risk the nails falling off. If you seem to be between two sizes then the smaller one is the best pick. You want a tight fit.

Apply the Nails

Press on nails may come with glue or adhesive strips. Take a look at the package to see what you’ve got and then be ready with a steady hand to align the nail with the base of your natural nail. If you are using adhesive strips then remove the covering and press down. Adhesive strips are easier to use than glue since they are less messy. Press the nail down firmly starting from the middle and working out to the edges.

Make Adjustments

If you want to change the length of the nail once it is applied you can use nail clippers or a nail file, or you can simply leave the nails as they are for a bold look. Nails last several days and can last weeks if you look after them properly – but most people like to swap out nails frequently to update their look and keep current with nail trends.